Practices are happening right now! Join us any time!

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, our assessment process looks a little different. Please CONTACT US for more details about practice times and how to join.  

Some of our safety precautions due to COVID-19

  • Swimmers must wear face masks at all times except when in the water
  • When swimming we use a circle swimming method that has swimmers resting 6 feet or more apart. We review this method on their first day of practice. 
  • Swim meets and practices are executed with strict 6 feet apart measures and face masks when not in the water
  • No spectators at any indoor facilities, instead there is live video feed, or at some outdoor pools, spectators are able to watch from outside the facility.
  • Separate exit and entrances from facilities
  • Swimmers must show up to facilities already in suits
  • Bathrooms are available for emergency use only
  • Groups are spread out between different pools, times, and days.  There are many different practice time/day/location options for every age swimmer, more so than what is listed in the flyers below. 

TEAM has 14 different groups organized first by age and then ability.  Our goal is to put swimmers in an age-appropriate group that challenges their endurance while perfecting their technical skills in the water.

CONTACT US to schedule a one on one skill assessment for placement in our upcoming season!

  • Skill assessments take around 10-15 minutes
  • Swimmers will get to show one of our coaches at least a 25 of free and back. We will also go through a very short description of a few other skills and strokes to figure out what group and lane will work best. 
  • Swimmers should bring a swimsuit, cap, and goggles if they have them. If not, our coaches usually have extras. 

TEAM Fees start at around $51 per month!  Click HERE for group descriptions