TEAM Eugene Aquatics is a year-round swim team that provides high-level training to swimmers of all abilities. Through self-discipline and technique mastery we strive to build a lifelong love of the sport of all. 



TEAM Mission: To coach athletes in an inclusive environment to rise to the challenges of competitive swimming and life, through hard work and commitment to a long-term process.

TEAM Vision: To build and sustain a high-performance program and become one of the premier swim teams in Oregon and the United States

We strive to be an inclusive and equitable swim club by fostering respectful and open communication and community engagement. TEAM coaches and board members make a commitment to reflect on whether certain voices and needs are being privileged over others and to be intentional in making the necessary changes so that all TEAM swimmers and families are accepted, heard, and supported. We will learn from the mistakes that we will inevitably make and grow together so that we can rise together.

TEAM Eugene Aquatics supports USA Swimming's statement: "We stand firmly against social injustice and condemn racism ​and discrimination of any kind. We reaffirm our commitment to foster inclusion and to join those who work toward meaningful change. We will continue to use our platforms to educate and to inform. We will support our Black staff members, our Black athletes, our Black coaches, our Black volunteers, and our Black family members. We will support the Black community because Black Lives Matter. These are important words, but it is our actions that count"