Ground Rules

To better communicate and be a more effective Board, the following ground rules are to be incorporated as an integral part of each and every Albany Aquatics Association meeting.

  1. Be prepared for the meeting.
  2. Come to the meeting on time.
  3. Start and end meeting on time.
  4. Value the diversity of team members.
  5. Support the team concept and process.
  6. Maintain positive group dynamics.
  7. Make decisions by consensus of all necessary team members.
  8. Participate in the meeting. Don't be a lurker.
  9. Keep records of your own work and the team's compiled work.
  10. Listen and have an open mind.
  11. Cell phones and pagers off/vibrate
  12. No personal attacks (Discuss the issue not the person)
  13. Agree to disagree
  14. One conversation at a time