Please see the "Service Hours and Volunteering" page under "Team Info" for more information about required service hours and volunteering for the Corvallis Aquatic Team.

 2022-23 Fundraising Meets

         December 2-4, 2022: Comfort Suites Corvallis CAT Senior Open
January 608, 2023: Comfort Suites Corvallis CAT Short Course Open
February 23-26, 2023: 11-14 Champs
March 2-5, 2023: OSI Senior Champs

March 11-12, 2023: CAT Spring Invitational
 May 19-21, 2023: Comfort Suites Corvallis CAT Long Course Open 

  Corvallis Aquatic Team Meet Jobs

We have assembled the following guidelines to help you find the best fit and opportunity for you.  Working at our fundraising meets is a great way to meet other families and learn more about the sport of swimming. If you have questions, feel free to contact any of the committee chairs listed below or Jenny at [email protected]    

Description: Announces the upcoming events, reads results and provides information during the meet. The position is on-deck and some training is required. This position is exciting and fast moving, and if you enjoy being in the middle of the excitement, you may enjoy announcing. A clear speaking voice is necessary, along with the ability to think and talk at the same time. Contact: Jenny Graham, [email protected].

Prepare the awards for the swimmers, which are usually in the form of ribbons. Meet results are printed onto labels and then the label with the swimmer’s name is transferred to the appropriate award. This position is ongoing during the course of the meet.  This is a rewarding position allowing the volunteer the chance to recognize the swimmers for all their hard work. Contact: Mara Burke, [email protected].  

Bull Pen:
Description: If you like working with the younger swimmers, this may be the position for you. The Bull Pen volunteers are responsible for organizing the 8-under swimmers for their heat and lane assignments prior to their events. This position occurs on deck, most often during the morning sessions.  
Contact: Mara Burke, [email protected] 

Trash Monitor:
Description: The trash monitors work during the meet to keep the facility in a clean condition. The ability to move around the facility is the only requirement. The trash monitors remove recycling and trash and check and refill paper products in the bathrooms and locker rooms. This job is easy, yet extremely important, because it demonstrates our commitment to providing a safe and clean environment for visiting teams. 
Contact: Jenny Graham, [email protected]
Clerk of Course:
Description: The Clerk of Course works as the link between the swimmers/coaches/officials and technical staff.  Training is required. This is an on-deck position and occurs during the meet. 
Contact: Jenny Graham, [email protected]

Description: The people working the computer are upstairs in the CAT office during the meet, electronically processing results. The position requires training and computer knowledge, and a knowledge of swim meet terminology and procedures is very helpful. A clear head and cool disposition is desired.  
Contact: Aimee Dhakhwa, [email protected]

Description: If you like to prepare food and work directly with people, this may be the place to be. Concession volunteers sell & prepare food at the front counter. The Grill staff prepares breakfast and lunch items on the outdoor grill. It is a fun position away from the noise and crowds on deck. There are many shifts available to fit just about anyone’s schedule. Contact:  Sonia Gatherum, sonia[email protected]

Deck Marshal:
Description: The deck marshals are responsible for maintaining deck/pool safety during warm-ups. At the end of warm-ups the deck marshals assist the meet officials and head timers in preparing the pool for the start of the meet. The position usually requires 1-1.5 hours prior to the start of each session. This is a great opportunity if you want to spread your volunteer hours out over multiple sessions. Contact: Jenny Graham, [email protected]

Front Desk/Heat Sheet Sales:
This is a good position is you prefer a quieter environment. The front desk volunteer sells heat sheets and helps meet visitors with questions and directions within the community. There are multiple shift times available throughout the meet. 
Contact: Jenny Graham, [email protected]

Head Timer:
Description: The head timer works on deck providing back-up timing and delivering time sheets to the computer staff. This position is fast paced. If you enjoy being on deck during the meet, you will enjoy Head Timer.  Some training is required and will be provided. 
Contact: Jenny Graham, [email protected]

Description: The hospitality team provides the visiting officials and coaches with meals and snacks in a peaceful and friendly environment away from the deck. This position is great for those who enjoy making others welcome. No training is required and there are shifts available throughout the meet.  
Contact:  Sonia Gatherum, sonia[email protected]

Set Up/Take Down:
Description: The set-up/take down crew is responsible for preparing the pool and spectator areas for the meet and then returning the pool to its original condition at the meet’s conclusion. The shifts take place prior to the start of the meet and once again when the meet is over. Some physical lifting and moving is required; not too heavy but you need to be prepared to move minor equipment.