Some meets we attend have qualifying times associated with them.  If you are curious about a particular meet please ask the coaching staff or an "experienced" parent.  For our Local Swimming Committe (LSC), Oregon Swimming (OSI) championship meets, the swimmer must achieve an "A" time for that event.
On this page you can see all of your times from past meets. You can also search by event and see where you rank against all of the other swimmers in our LSC, Zone, or USA Swimming. 
USA Swimming has a number of programs to help swimmers reach the next level in their swimming careers. One of those programs is the IMX series designed to help various age groups compete in multiple events, rather than specialize in one stroke too early.
To calculate scores for each age group, swimmers receive power points from each of their swims. Those points are then tallied, and the swimmer with the most points, wins! Read up on the programs below and get started today.