Corvallis Aquatic Team
2021-2022 Season
Information for New/Transfer Swimmers

Thank you for your interest in the Corvallis Aquatic Team!  Our 2021-2022 year-round season begins September 15 and will run through August 15, 2021.

For those new to competitive swimming:

Children are generally ready to join CAT when they have passed level 6 in the Liquid Degree program (swim lessons offered by Osborn Aquatic Center), or can swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke.  The child should also be comfortable in deep water.

Guidelines for squad placement for new swimmers (may be adjusted after swimmer begins practices and is evaluated by coaches):

Ages 10 & under – Novice - practice up to 3x/week
Ages 11-14 (not yet in high school) – Junior 1A - practice up to 4x/week.
High school age – Senior 1- practice up to 5x/week.

For those with previous competitive swimming experience transferring from other teams:

Please email Rick (high school aged swimmers) at [email protected] or Brandon [email protected] (elementary and middle school aged swimmers) for information about squad placement and other items.

For all new and transfer swimmers:

To sign up for the team, please click “Team Registration” on the top of this page.  This must be completed before your first practice.  Registration will charge you for your first month dues (this will be prorated based on the day you start), annual Osborn fee of $230, and USA Swimming membership of $76 (transfer swimmers with current memberships will be credited for this.)  Future month’s dues will be charged on the 1st of each month.

If you would like a trial week before you commit to joining and have not previously been registered through USA Swimming, choose “pay by check” during checkout and email [email protected] to say you would like the trial. Once she has confirmed your registration she will set up a start date for the trial. Please do not show up for your trial until you Kristin has confirmed your registration.

The trial week allows your swimmer to practice with the team without having to commit to our annual Osborn fee or USA Swimming membership. It is not until your swimmer joins the team that you will pay for an annual Osborn fee and USA Swimming membership. Your monthly dues will be prorated to the day you began your trial.

We are not able to offer a trial week to swimmers who are previous USA Swimming members but who do not have a current membership.  

If you are a current member of USA Swimming and would like to trial with the team (ex: transferring teams), then we are able to offer a 1-day trial with the team. Please go through the same registration process as what is listed above.

By participating in a trial, you acknowledge that you are either: a current member of USA Swimming (trial day) OR have not previously been a member of USA Swimming with either CAT, another swim club, swim lessons, or any other avenue (trial week). 

Once registered, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to your account on our website.  You will also begin receiving emails from the team. The practice schedule is posted on home page of the website. 

Dues and Fees

  • Annual Osborn fee of $230 - prorated for those who start after November 30, but non refundable for those who leave the team during the season.  This fee is waived for the 3rd and subsequent swimmers in a family. 
  • Annual USA Swimming membership of $76 – non-refundable if a swimmer leaves the team during the season.
  • Monthly Dues – charged monthly on the 1st of each month.  Dues will not be charged in months that a swimmer does not participate but you must notify [email protected] prior to the 25th of the month if you wish to pause your dues.
    • Novice - $55
    • Junior 1B - $65
    • Junior 1A - $65
    • Junior 2 - $85
    • Senior Prep - $110
    • Senior 1 - $85
    • Senior 2 - $140
    • Senior 3 - $150
  • Other Costs
    • Concessions/Hospitality donation – required - $15/fundraising meet; 5 meets per year
    • Meet fees – optional for those who attend sanctioned meets
    • Travel charges – optional for those who participate in team travel meets and training trips
    • CAT Den charges – optional for those who purchase items from our team store
  • Payment methods:
    • Credit card – Please note that beginning September 1, 2020, there will be an additional 3.25% fee for credit card use.  This will apply to both registration and autopay payments made on the first of each month.
    • ACH – Direct withdrawl from a bank account (no additional fee)
    • Check – (no additional fee) Mail to CAT, c/o Kristin Nason, 1940 NW Highland Dr, Corvallis, OR 97330
    • Cash – (no additional fee) Contact [email protected] to arrange cash payments
  • Other payment information:
    • To set up credit card or ACH payments, log into your account on the website and click “Setup Autopay”.
    • Invoices are generated on the 1st of each month. They will be emailed and are also available for viewing in your account on the website.
      • Credit card and ACH payments for your invoice balance will be made via autopay on the 1st of each month
      • Check or cash payments for your invoice balance are due by the 15th of each month

Family Service Hours and Volunteering

CAT is a non-profit organization with an all-volunteer board of directors and depends on its membership to volunteer their time to help run swim meets, coordinate team events, and fulfill other duties as needed. 

In addition to volunteer needs for small meets and events, the team has mandatory service hours required of all families at our larger fundraising meets held throughout the year.  In a typical year there are 5 fundraising meets held from December-May and new families are required to work a total of 10 hours at one or more of these meets.  For 2021-22, the service hours will be announced once the fundraising meet schedule has been determined. You can learn more about Service Hours under "Team Info" --> "Service Hours and Volunteering" at the top of the page.