2012 11-14 Short Course Championships

 11-14 OSI Championships
Corvallis, OR
Feb. 23-26

Congratulations to the 25 CAT swimmers who competed in the 11-14 championships:  Kayla Ashland, Rylie Ball, Molly Beamer, Madison Boock, Katie Campbell, Chris Gregory, Lexi Heyerly, Alex Jordan, Z Koh, Nicole Koski, Nathan Liu, Kylie Macpherson, CJ Owen, Quin Peterson, Erin Sargent, Noah Schaefers, Emily Shaw, Rachel Shaw, Aidan Smit, Lindsey Soule', Kieran Van Horsen, Zane Van Horsen, Charlie Way, Allison Wells, and Patrick Williamson.
Several CAT team records were lowered during the meet. Allison Wells lowered the mark in the 13-14 girls 50, 100, and 200 backstrokes along with the 100 freestyle; Lindsey Soule' set a new mark in the 11-12 girls 200IM. 
New Age Group Sectional cuts were made by Emily Shaw in the 1650FR, Rachel Shaw in the 50BK and 100BK, and Kieran Van Horsen in the 200IM.