Pacific Region North YMCA Swimming Championships

Thank you YMCA Teams!!! 

Team Awards:

Division I

1. Boise Y Swim Team
2. Team Eugene Aquatics

Division II

1.  Bremerton YMCA Swim Team
2.  Skagit Valley Y Chinooks
3.  Sherwood Y Dragons

Division III

1.  Anchorage YMCA Swim Team
2.  Roseburg Y Swim Team
3.  Billings YMCA Seahawks

High Point Awards

8 & Under Girls - Sophie Pham, West Seattle YMCA Dolphins
8 & Under Boys - Luke Horner, Silver Falls Rapids
9-10 Girls - Aziza Meyer, Bremerton YMCA Swim Team
9-10 Boys - Daniel Apostol, Billing YMCA Seahawks
11-12 Girls - Elsa Musselman, Anchorage YMCA Swim Team
11-12 Boys - Dominic Colvin, Roseburg Y Swim Team
13-14 Girls - Ruby Howell, Boise Y Swim Team
13-14 Boys - Luke Pusateri, Skagit Valley Y Chinooks
15-21 Girls - Sammie Eyolfson, Boise Y Swim Team
15-21 Boys - Thomas Roark, Boise Y Swim Team

Results - pdf

Results - pdf - with splits

Results - Team Manager

Photo Information - How to view and order action photos taken during meet.  Please note that the password should be all in lower caps - yreg2017corvallis

Meet Invitation