Western Zone Select Camp Congratulations to Francesca Criscione, who was recently selected to attend the Western Zone Select Camp at Arizona State University in June. She will be training with 56 other athletes from across the western zone. T he seven highest scoring athletes are chosen based on their LCM IMX point score. Then the next fastest swimmer in each of the olympic events are chosen. That makes 14 athletes in eah age group of 12 and 13 year old girls and 13 and 14 year old boys.

Starting Block Dedication - Tuesday, February 8, 2017 Thank you donors and supporters!

Congratulations to Lindsey Soule' on her participation the 2016 USA Swimming Junior Nationals in Minneapolis; and Francesca Criscione for being selected to the 2016 Oregon Zone Team which competed in Kearns, Utah. Go CAT and OSI!!

2016 USA Swimming Futures Championships August 4-7, 2016 Stanford University Meet page Congratulations Trevor Gourley, Micah Masei, Lindsey Soule', Casey McEuen, and Noah Vial

2016 Western Zone Senior Championships August 2-6, 2016 Clovis, CA Meet page Congratulations CJ Owen, Colby Evenson, Bryce Atha, Hannah Bodkin, Chloe Bowman, Natalie Cruz, Aidan Smit, Dylan Dhakhwa, Jessica Coats, Gabrielle Smit, Grace Knutsen, Rachel Shaw, Paula Lomanaco, Francesca Criscione, Alaina Otterstrom, Caitlin Evenson, & Sarah Cordier

2016 OSI Speedo 11 & Over LC Championships Results Congratulations to: Bryce Atha, Molly Beamer, Hannah Bodkin, Trenton Bowers, Chloe Bowman, Jessica Coats, Sarah Cordier, Francesca Criscione, Viviana Criscione, Natalie Cruz, Dylan Dhakhwa, Jordan Drill, M’Kenzie Drill, Caitlin Evenson, Colby Evenson, Trevor Gourley, Caleb Hall, Andrew Hanson, Kevin Kellar, Grace Knutsen, Ellie Leeming, Liam Leeming, Paula Lomonaco, Micah Masei, Casey McEuen, Leo Morag, Samantha Morag, Madeline Nason, Alaina Otterstrom, Brianna Otterstrom, CJ Owen, Rachel Shaw, Aidan Smit, Gabrielle Smit, Aidan Soulé, Lindsey Soulé, Karly Vial, and Noah Vial.

2016 Oregon Swimming 10 & Under LC Championships Results Congratulations CAT swimmers! Nathan Hall, Bay Nason, Avery Nason, Malia Dhakhwa, Gavin Morag, Carson Evenson, Kai Dhakhwa, Zak Guenther, Emerson Gatherum

USA Swimming Junior Nationals Austin, TX December 10-12 Lindsey Soule and Rick traveled to Austin to represent CAT at the Junior National meet. They had their first swim on Thursday and Lindsey had an incredible 500 free. She came from behind to win her heat by 2.5 seconds and went a best time. On Friday she swam a best time and CAT 15-18 and Open team records in a time trial of the 100 back. Saturday was a great finish to the meet with a team record and 2.5 second...

Oregon Swimming Top 5 Congratulations to our CAT swimmers who were recognized at the 2015 OSI Top 5 awards ceremony on November 15. Our Top 5 athletes are Molly Beamer, Francesca Criscione, Ida Donohue, Colby Evenson, Carson Evenson, Micah Masei, Casey McEuen, Leo Morag, Alleck Norland, Flynn Nyman, Gabrielle Smit, Lindsey Soule, and Noah Vial.

Pacific Coast All Stars Congratulations to Francesca Criscione and Dylan Dhakhwa for being selected to the Oregon Swimming All Star team. The team traveled to Commerce, CA the weekend of January 10-11 and competed against all star teams from California and Washington. Francesca broke two team records at the meet. She bettered her own time in the 200 IM by nearly 2 seconds finishing in 2:13.73. In the 100 IM she broke a 30 year old record. She lowered the record by .5 seconds to 1:04.43.