New and interested members, please email [email protected] with interest in

August 2020. 


First Fall Practice: 8/10/2020 

Mondays and Thursdays 5:15am -7:00am *If possible, we will look into a third practice. Pool rental time and space is at an all time premium, so we will take things one week at a time. 

MASKS: Per Government, Cincinnati Marlins and St.Xavier campus guidelines, Please wear your masks when not in the water. This includes entering and exiting the building. 

● Members park in the back of the building of Keating Natatorium. Members will enter from the back of Keating, double doors by the pool deck. The main front entrance will not be used until further notice.  (To view parking map and entrance please click here).

● Members put personal items on benches around the pool on a Blue X under the banners as shown below. Each X is 6 feet apart. (To view the photo, please click here).

● Membership dues for members this season are to be paid monthly 

○ $30.00 in check payment made out to Cincinnati Marlins Inc. memo Masters 

○ Cash is acceptable too. Please mail in payment or bring to practice to hand to the representative on deck. 

● Mailing address: 

○ Cincinnati Marlins Inc. 

○ 616 W. North Bend Road 

○ Cincinnati OH 45224 

Collection Dates: 8/10, 9/8, 10/13, 11/10, 12/8 

LOCKER ROOMS will only be allowed if your current work situation gives members a need to change after practice or for brief use only. PLEASE arrive in your suits ready to swim and when possible, plan to leave in your swim suits. If you need to change in the locker room, if more than one person, wear a mask. 

WAIVERS: Attached is the Return Protocol issued to members back in June. 

PRIOR TO PARTICIPATING, read and sign the Google Form, or hand in your waiver or send a picture via email is fine as well. The signed page is at the very bottom last page of the return protocol. NOTE: The return protocol is primarily now an indication that you are participating at your own risk and will notify a representative if quarentinging or a self-reported positive test of COVID -19. This was originally used for out Age Group program and some of these details will not apply. 

US MASTERS MEMBERSHIP: ALL members must have an active US Master Membership before your first workout. No exceptions. We have a list of active members we will be matching to attendance lists. 

Shirts: Will be ordered per member but will be paid for separately from dues. Shirt size forms will be sent out with a google form. 

Equipment: No equipment is required. Kickboards will be the only spare equipment in the facility for use.



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Results from the St. Patricks Day Meet 2019



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Interested in Open Water or Triathlon training, please feel free to contact us about that as well!