Marlins Newsletter - 2.27.19

Ryan Hammer
Feb 27, 2019

Table of Contents

  1. Senior Meet Preview:  Mar 1-3
  2. Junior Olympic Meet:  March 8-10
  3. End of Season Dates
  4. Practice Changes
  5. Save The Date - Sat Apr 13 Special Olympics
  6. Upcoming Events / Deadlines
  7. Quote

Senior Meet Preview:  Mar 1-3

48 of your HS-aged teammates will be competing this weekend in the Senior Circuit Meet at Miami University.  See Coach Dave's update for details, and I will include the meet page below also.  Also note teams are being asked to provide 2x timers per session, signups are at meet page below...thanks for any help you can be.

Click Here for meet page.

Junior Olympic Meet:  March 8-10

1) Meet Information has been posted, see meet page online or click here!  Relay Teams are being finalized by the coaches, and will be communicated by Coach Jeremy once complete.

2) JO Meet Party will take place on Sat Mar 2 after practice.  Please click here for signup information & details on our (Silver/Blue) championship cap design!

End of Season Dates

The following dates will be end of season for Short Course (by group):

- Red 3, Red 4...Sun Feb 24 (Splash Meet).  See you in April!

- Red 2, Red 1...Sun Feb 17 (Regionals) for those not qualifying for Junior Olympics or NCSA.  Swimmers whose seasons end here will be offered 1x week "Postseason workouts" thru week of Mar 4 during JO workouts, see your coach for your group's schedule.

- Junior Olympic Meet swimmers Sun Mar 10 (Junior Olympics), or thru NCSA Meet later in March if attending.

- All HS athletes...either Senior Meet, Sectionals, or ISCA in March.  See your coach.

Start Date(s) for Long Course season:

- Mon, Apr 8 for all Red Groups (plus Blue Group swimmers whose seasons finish in early March at Senior Meet)

- Mon Apr 15 for Blue 2, Blue 1, and National.

Practice Changes

Any & all practice changes will be communicated by this newsletter & your lead site coach.  Also a great resource are updated Google Calendars (by location) under the "Practice/Location Calendars" menu on the website, including an FAQ on how to use the electronic calendars.

Keating ​​

  • Sat Mar 2 (JO Party)
    • ​National & Blue 1, 7-9a (plus dryland)
    • All JO Team, 8:30-10a.  Food & Party will follow practice!
    • Party, 10-11a
  • ​Thurs Mar 7
    • ​No Practice for Red 1 & Red 2, JO Meet athletes can drop in from 3-5:30p for a 30 min workout.  Red 1 & Red 2 postseason practice moved to Wed Mar 6.  Also looking into if we can secure pool time at Ohio State Thurs night.


  • Rest of season schedule sent by Coach Jessi.


  • No Changes

Save The Date - Special Olympics Sat Apr 13

In what has been a Marlin tradition for years, the team helps supply swimmer volunteers at the Special Olympics Meet at Princeton HS to help escort athletes to their Heat & Lane.  This year's meet will be Sat Apr 13, keep an eye out for updates!

Upcoming Events / Deadlines




Sign Up Deadline

Senior Circuit Meet.  Miami U. Mar 1-3 Ages 14 & Over who competed during HS season. Passed
Junior Olympics - Meet Party Sat, Mar 2...after practice Junior Olympic Meet Team NA
Junior Olympics.  Ohio State University. Mar 8-10 Ages 14 & Under, with qualifying times. Signed up automatically, see your coach
Bulkhead Removal, Keating Natatorium. Sat Mar 23, 9a-12p $100 dues credit for any parent who signs up & helps, see signup page at under Upcoming Events. Fri Mar 22
Speedo Sectionals.  IUPUI, Indianapolis. Mar 28-31 HS-aged swimmers, with qualifying times Signed up automatically, see your coach
ISCA Junior Nationals.  Clearwater, Fl. Mar 26-30 HS-aged swimmers, with qualifying times Signed up automatically, see Coach Brad
NCSA Age Group Champs.  Orlando, Fl Mar 27-30 Ages 14 & Under, with qualifying times. Fri Mar 1.  See Coach Jeremy or Ryan
First Day of Practice - Long Course Season Mon Apr 8 All Red Groups, plus Blue Group swimmers whose SC season ended in early March NA
Special Olympics @ Princeton HS.  Looking for swimmer volunteers! Sat Apr 13 All Marlins NA
First Day of Practice - Long Course Season Mon Apr 15 All National & Blue Groups NA

Quote:  “No matter what accomplishments you make, someone helped you." - Althea Gibson

**If you have any great swimming or generally motivational quotes, please forward to Coach Ryan!  Always looking for more...