Marlins Newsletter - 7.3.19

Ryan Hammer
Jul 3, 2019

Table of Contents

  1. Regional Meet (July 5-7)
  2. JO Team Party - Sat July 13
  3. Practice Changes
  4. End of Current Season / Start of Next Season (!)
  5. Upcoming Events / Deadlines
  6. Quote

Regional Meet (July 5-7)

Our last home meet of the season will be July 5-7, for Ages 14 & Under who have not yet achieved Junior Olympic Time Standards.  105 Marlin athletes will be competing, good luck swimmers!

Click Here for Regionals Meet Page.

**Important Note for Ages 10 & Under:  All events are swum once.  Top 2 heats (16 swimmers) for each event swim at finalsONLY (evening), all other swims take place in prelims (morning).

JO Team Party - Sat July 13

Save the Date!  We will celebrate swimmers Ages 14 & Under who qualify for Junior Olympics.  Details coming soon!

JO Team Practice, 9-10:30a

Party, 10:30-11:30a (max)

Practice Changes

Any & all practice changes will be communicated by this newsletter & your lead site coach.  Also a great resource are updated Google Calendars (by location) under the "Practice/Location Calendars" menu on the website, including an FAQ on how to use the electronic calendars.

Keating​ ​​​​​​​

  • Thurs July 4 (Holiday)
    • ​National & Blue 1, 7-9a
    • Blue 2 & Red 1, 9-10:45a
    • Red 2, 9-10:30a
    • Red 3, 10:30-11:45a
    • Red 4, 10:30-11:30a
  • ​Fri July 5 (Regional Meet - Between Sessions)
    • ​National, Blue 1, Blue 2:  2-4p @ Keating
  • Sat July 6 (Regional Meet)
    • National & Blue 1:  7-9a at Three Rivers SC...OR...2-4p @ Keating.  Click here for Team Breakfast info after the Three Rivers workout.
    • All other swimmers not competing in Regionals
      • ​Blue 2, 2-3:45p.  Red 1, 2-3:45p.  Red 2, 2-3:30p.  Red 3, 2-3:15p.  Red 4, 2-3p.
  • ​Tues July 9 (PPSL Meet @ Keating)
    • ​All workouts moved to North Hills Swim Club, just 1.4 miles from Keating!  6346 Daly Road, 45224.
      • ​National, 6:30-8a.
      • Blue 1, 8-9:30a.
      • *Blue 2, 9-10:30a (updated start time)
      • Red 1, 9:30-10:30a
      • Red 2, Red 3, Red 4, 10:30-11:30a.
  • ​​Sat July 13
    • ​National & Blue 1, 7-8:30a
    • Junior Olymic Meet Team, 9-10:30a swim & 10:30-? party after practice.
    • Red 3, 10:30-11:45a
    • Red 4, 10:30-11:30a
  • ​Sun July 14
    • ​Sectional Meet Team, 7-8a


  • Thurs July 4 (Moved to Keating - See above schedule)
  • All workouts beginning July 10 moved to Keating (Sycamore closed), please refer to Coach Jessi's detailed schedule.


  • Thurs July 4 (Moved to Keating - See above schedule)

End of Current Season / Start of Next Season (!)

The following meets will be the end of the current season for each athlete, after which practices will cease until the start of the Fall (Short Course) season!

- Ages 15 & Above:  Either Sectionals (July 18-21) or Senior Meet (July 11-14), whichever champ meet your coach has recommended.

- Ages 14 & Under:  Either Regionals (July 5-7) or Beckett Ridge (July 20), whichever champ meet your coach has recommended.  For swimmers that qualify, the Junior Olympic Meet  (July 18-21) will be your final event.  

- Zone Team Workouts:  For those attending the optional Zone Meet in Wisconsin, please click here for information.  Workouts will be offered Tues July 23rd, Wed 24th, Thurs 25th, Fri 26th, Mon 29th, and Tues 30th from 9-10:30a.  No practice Mon July 23, Sat 27th, or Sun 28th.

Next Fall:

- All returning members must re-register, see website for details when registration will open (late July / early Aug).

- Group Move recommendations will be sent by your coach by the end of July.  Please see your group coach with questions.

- First Day of Practice:  National & Blue Groups, Tues Sept 3.  Red Groups, Mon Sept 9.  Pre-Competitive Groups, tbd.

Upcoming Events / Deadlines




Sign Up Deadline

Ohio Swimming's Regional Champs.  Home Meet. July 5-7 Ages 14 & Under, slower than Junior Olympic time standards Passed
Senior Meet.  Denison Univ, Granville Oh. July 11-14 Ages 14 & Over who swam during HS season Passed
Junior Olympic - Team Party Sat July 13 Ages 14 & Under with qualifying times NA
Junior Olympics.  Miami Univ, Oxford Oh. Jul 18-21 Ages 14 & Under with time standards Mon, July 8
Speedo Sectionals . Cleveland State Univ, Cleveland Oh Jul 18-21 Older Swimmers with time standards Passed

Quote:  “Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion." - Michael Jordan

**If you have any great swimming or generally motivational quotes, please forward to Coach Ryan!  Always looking for more...