Cincinnati Marlins Service Credit Program

Laura Connock

Cincinnati Marlins Service Credit Program - SC 2022/2023

Volunteer Coordinator: Laura Connock ([email protected]) 


  1. Service Credit Expectations - Each family (based on account; not the number of athletes in a family) in the Marlins National, Blue, Gold & Silver is expected to earn at least seven (7) Service Credits during the Short Course Season and at least (4) Service Credits during the Long Course Season per Competition Year (September – July). Each family (based on account; not the number of athletes in a family) in the Marlins Bronze & White is expected to earn at least four (4) Service Credits during the Short Course Season and at least three (3) Service Credits during the Long Course Season per Competition Year (September – July). In the event a family has multiple swimmers in different groups, the Service Credit Obligation is calculated based on the highest level swimmer in a family.
    • Failure to satisfy required Service Credits shall result in a $50 assessment per credit for a maximum assessment:
    • $550 for the entire season for swimmers in National, Senior, Blue, Gold & Silver.

$350 for the entire season for swimmers in Bronze, & White.

  • For families joining the Marlins after September and the initial registration period, Service Credit Hours will be prorated as follows: 2 credit hours per month for the National, Senior, Blue, Gold, & Silver; 1 credit hours per month for the Bronze & White .
  • The Service Credit Job Listing is posted on the website and in the chart below.  Each job is assigned a credit value. Please note that some jobs require pre-training before an individual will be approved to work in that role. 
  • For member families with unique situations that may make it difficult to work in certain specific Meet roles, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for assistance in finding the right job for your particular situation.  We have a wide variety of positions to meet varied needs.
  • Service Credits earned in excess of the annual requirement shall not roll over into subsequent seasons.
  • Signing up for Service
    • Families can sign up for various roles throughout the season via our team website (Team Unify).
    • Opportunities will be announced via e-mail and the website.
    • Service Credit positions will generally be recruited at least two weeks prior to the meet or event.
    • Service Credit position age requirement is 15 years old.  Registered Marlins swimmers are allowed to assist at age 14.
  • Tracking of Service Credits will be handled through the Team Unify system.
    • In order to earn a Service Credit, the person signed up must check-in at the appropriate time and work the entire duration of the job.  If you leave your job early without providing adequate coverage, no Service Credit will be given.
    • If an individual signed up does not check in by the appropriate time, their role will be re-assigned and credit will be given to the family who fills the role.
    • A penalty of one Service Credit will be assessed to the account in the event of a no-show without a minimum 24 hour notification to Volunteer Coordinator and removal of the family's commitment in Team Unify.
    • Service Credits cannot be split between families.  The Service Credit will be assigned to the family who signs up to work the session.   If someone fills in for another member for a partial session, no incremental credit will be given.
    • It can take up to 10 days for service credits to be reflected on a family’s account.
  • Service Credit Billing
    • Marlins encourage families to distribute Service credits throughout the Season.
    • If a family terminates participation with the Marlins before the end of the 11 month swim season the Service Credits will be prorated as follows: two credits for the initial membership month, plus one additional credit per month of participation.
    • At the conclusion of the Summer Season, any outstanding Service Credits not satisfied will be reflected as a balance due prorated as noted herein.  This balance due will be invoiced in August and must be paid in full in order to register for the next year.
    • If all Service Credits have been satisfied, families will not receive an August invoice.
  • Questions/Comments
    • Program information will be posted on the website to assist families in their understanding of the expectations of the program.
    • We welcome your comments and suggestions on how to best provide support for the Marlins in the future.  If you have any suggestions regarding this program, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.







Service Credits

(Per Meet Session Worked)

Officials (USA Swimming Certification Required)

1 Service Credit

Clerk of Course

*Requires pre-training

1 Service Credit

Computer Operator/Data Board Operator

*Requires pre-training

1 Service Credit

Formal apprentice or trainee roles (for officials and other roles requiring training)

*Must be approved in advance to train

1 Service Credit

Timers (including Head Timer and Relief Timer)

1 Service Credit


1 Service Credit


1 Service Credit

Meet Director ^ (requires training)

1 Service Credit

Meet Marshall^

1 Service Credit

Volunteer/Coaches Check-In

1 Service Credit

Set Up

1 Service Credit

Hospitality Volunteer*

1 Service Credit

Tear Down

1 Service Credit

Heat Prize Distribution*

1 Service Credit


1 Service Credit


1 Service Credit


1 Service Credit

Away Meet Timer **

1 Service Credit

8 & Under Staging*

1 Service Credit

Heat Sheet Distributor

1 Service Credit




* Not all positions are available at all meets.  Positions needed and numbers of openings will be determined by the meet sanction guidelines and size of the meet.

** Applies only when Marlins are required to fill timer positions at away meets.

Requires Safe Sport Certification


 Marlins Board of Directors reserves the right to change Service Credit roles throughout the season as meets or events are in need of additional help. All Service Credit roles will be publicized to Marlins families in order for families to reach their required service credits during the season.



Worker signup FAQ’s

How do I sign up to work?

Great question! Click Here for more info>> How do I sign up for a volunteer work position?



How many work credits am I required to work per season?

click here for more information  Volunteer Work Requirements


What happens after I work?

Once the meet is over, the volunteer coordinator takes the check in sheets and reconciles that information against the signups online. Once those are reconciled and your name is checked off in the online system, the credits are automatically registered into your service hours account.


How do I check my worker credits?

It’s easy! Log in to the team website, then click >invoices and payments, then>service hours


What do I do if I cannot work the shift I signed up for?

If you know several days ahead of time, remove your name from signups so someone else can take the spot. If it is anytime the day before the meet or later, YOU are responsible for finding your own replacement.


How come I did not get credit for my work assignments?

There are a number of reasons why families may not be getting credit for their work assignments.
• Did you check in to work at the volunteer table?
• Did you work your whole shift? Workers must check in and work the entire shift to 
get credit.
• Did you sign your name to the sign in sheet legibly? If we cannot read your name

we can’t give you credit.
• Was the sign in done with a different name than what’s on your family’s account? If

your family account is, for instance, Joe Davis, but the sign in is Susan Jones, an attempt will be made to connect the two names, but if we cannot make the connection, we cannot give you credit. A suggested sign in would be Susan Jones- Joe Davis Account.


What happens if I don’t fulfill all of my work assignments?

You will find that information here.   Volunteer Work Requirements