Information regarding volunteering for Jose Cerda and beyond

Laura Connock


Hi all, Happy Sunday!


As many of you already know, the worker signup positions for Jose Cerda filled up in record time.  As a team that is known for hosting big meets, quickly filling our jobs is a good problem to have.  Yay!


But here’s the part many of you don’t know.  There are a number of key positions that never get posted on the site for the general population.  Quite a few in fact.


What are they?  Why don’t we ever see them? Glad you asked!


The key positions are things like:


Data Board:  The person who sits in the crows nest and pushes the buttons that make the scoreboard work.  They also get to pull that string up from the deck, the one that has important papers and a cool bell attached to it. 


Computer Operators and Computer Trainees:  The people who hang out in that air conditioned office and work all the important buttons like the Wizard of Oz.


Announcer:  The person who gets to talk into the microphone and play cool music during warmups


Officials:  The people who wear those stylish white polo shirts and name tags and walk around with their hands behind their back until they have to raise them up to DQ someone.  The really cool ones get to wear a whistle and blow into it from time to time.  



Our family started with the Marlins in 2009, and shortly after my husband Steve became an official.  Now he runs our meets.  About 7 years ago, I became a meet announcer.   


What are our special super powers that make us uniquely qualified for these positions?  For Steve, he’d rather stick pins in his eyes than sit in the stands.   And for me?  I was standing on a pool deck one day during a meet, doing basically nothing, and the announcer asked me to announce a few races so he could go to the bathroom.  Which makes my super power the inability to say, “No thank you, that sounds scary.”  (It’s not, I promise you.)


The point of all this is, we have some key positions that are waiting for someone just like YOU to fill them.   They require training, sure, but they aren’t hard.  They just require someone who is either a)dedicated to the sport and learning more about it, or b)as bad at sitting around doing nothing as my husband Steve.  


If you are still reading, maybe you are actually interested in learning more.  Read on for the ACTUAL job descriptions for these positions (I took some creative license above to be sure, though I did not lie about the air conditioned office), and also who to contact to find out how to do any of these skilled positions.  You won’t be sorry.  Promise. :)




Data Board: Set-up, test and operate timing console.  Contact Steve Connock at [email protected] for more information



Computer Trainee:   Learn how to run the meet computers. Intermediate computer knowledge and attention to detail required.  This position is only for people who want to learn to run the meet computers and become a computer operator in the future. 

Computer Operator: . Set-up and operate meet computers and scoreboard. Reach out to Lee Sellinger at [email protected] for more information.  


Announcer: Announce events, heats, results and meet information.  Reach out to this email, OR, [email protected] for more information


Official:  Officiate starts and turns, referee meet, start heats.  Requires prior certification.  Reach out to Rob Razzano at [email protected]


Please consider any one of these important roles.  It’s a great way to get involved and learn more about the amazing sport of swimming.


Thanks and Go Marlins!