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The possibilities are endless with your support!

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Elite Level Members

Blankenship Family

Butterfield Family

Carr Family

Dillon Family

Driehaus Family

Dutro Family

Eckert Family

Elsen Family

Eversole Family

Feldmann Family

Gockerman Family 

Hensler Family

Holcomb Family

 Lorentz Family


McMullan Family

McNerney Family

Muenzer Family

Murray Family

Myers Family

Piersma/Gustin Family

Reynek Family

Sand Family

Sequeira Family

Sobolewski Family

Spanbauer Family

Stueve Family

Trujillo Family

Venkatesan-Kenter Family

Champion Level Members

Buse Family

Coulson Family

Creviston Family

Dare Baxter Family 

Lied Family

Lorenz Family

Menner Family

Thorp Family

Tiernan Family

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Adams Family

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Zillox Family

Honorary Members

Thomas Ahrens

Emma Blackburn

Tindar Cyr

Anna DelGado

Nicholas Czepukaitis

Justin Grender

Sam Fallon

Scott Holcomb

Davis Guthier

Erich Guenther

Laura Morris

William Osterman

Alex Newburgh

Becca Prangley

Brian Robertson

Nick Purple

Nicholas Pfeifer

Emma Savarese

Daniel Stroh

Alex Wade

Ashley Voelkerding

Stephanie Hong

Sophie Hunter

Jiin Woo

Brooke Woellert

Meme Habel

The Boosters will help to fund many things at all of our locations that the team is unable to do without raising fees significantly.  

Some past and current contributions include:

- Updating the weight room equipment

-  Replacing pool equipment such as fins and starting blocks

-   Paint the weight room and hospitality area

 Continue to save for improvements such as bulkhead, locker rooms, etc.

-   Support the Splash Into Summer meet and our youngest swimmers

-   Fund coaching needs that would benefit the swimmers (cameras, coaching seminars, coaching platforms)

-   Other team needs identified by the Boosters Board and Coaches

 The possibilities are endless with your support!