Cincinnati Marlins @ Northern Kentucky University



The Cincinnati Marlins are proud to partner with Northern Kentucky University.  This is a full-service location of the Cincinnati Marlins swim team. Please check out our team information (group descriptions, practice schedules, meet schedules, lessons, etc.) located to the right.  For further questions contact the Marlins Office at 513 761-3320


Picking Up and Dropping Off at the NKU Recreation Center


Please drop off and pick up your swimmer in the circular drive in front of the Student Union building. NKU has asked that we do not pull into the drive directly in front of the rec center doors to drop off and pick up swimmers. This area is for emergency vehicles only.


Bronze, silver and gold swimmers will be walked out of the building after each practice by a coach. If a parent would like to walk their child out of practice themselves please come into the lobby area  by the pool to pick up your child so that a coach can see that the swimmer has left with a parent. All Blue swimmers, please do not linger in the rec center before or after practice. Please walk straight into the pool area and directly out to your ride or car. NKU has been awarded the title of the #3 safest college campus in America. That being said, no college campus is without safety concerns and the Marlins’ top priority is the safety of each swimmer.


Parking - You are able to purchase a parking pass (valid for a year) for $35. This allows you to park in the garage directly across from the NKU rec center and the adjacent parking lots. If you have multiple cars, you will need to purchase a separate pass for each vehicle. You can get your pass at the front desk of the rec center when you come into the building. Be sure to have your license plate number when you come in to register.


Parents are not permitted to be on deck during practices unless prior arrangements have been made with a coach.  If you need to meet with a coach in person please send them an email and they will find a time convenient for both parties, most likely before or after practice. There is seating upstairs overlooking the pool. As you walk into the rec center, walk up the giant staircase and turn right. There are couches and tables next to windows that overlook the pool. Feel free to observe practice from this area.


NKU Rec Center Memberships:

NKU offers Recreation Center memberships for a family or single use of the facility. The Cincinnati Marlins are considered a Civic Sponsor of NKU so are eligible for a 17% discount off an annual membership. The NKU membership is separate from your Cincinnati Marlins team membership.


For more information and pricing, contact:    

Justin Jett

Department of Campus Recreation

Membership and Business Services

Northern Kentucky University

859-572-6308 (Office)

859-572-6090 (Fax)


Locker Room: Swimmers will change in the locker rooms.  Please do not leave any equipment or personal items in the locker room, bring all bags on deck during swim practice. Before and after practices, please be respectful and well-behaved in the locker rooms. Keep in mind that the Marlins are guests in the rec center and that there are other patrons using this facility.


Equipment: Because of limited space the Marlins can not store much equipment in the Rec Center. Please be careful to bring your own equipment to each practice.


Questions or concerns, please contact:

Hailey Olson  MARLINS HEAD SITE COACH @ NKU        

[email protected]