Frequently Asked Questions:



The Cincinnati Marlins are a competitive swim program that is proud to serve the greater Cincinnati area. Below are some questions you may have about participating in the Marlins. You can find more detailed information throughout the website. If further assistance is needed contact the office at 761-3320.



1. What training group is best for my swimmer?

The Marlins have a large variety of choices for your athlete. Some groups are open to all athletes and other groups have performance and attendance requirements for each swimmer. Whether your athlete is new to the sport or has Olympic sized goals, the Marlins have a group designed for them. The Marlins coaching staff will help guide group placement based on each individual’s needs.



2. What equipment will my swimmer need?


PRACTICE:  Check with your coach or for any equipment needed at practice. Anything not provided by the club can be purchased at our team dealer, SwimVille.



All swimmers are required to wear team uniform during competitions.

    -TYR team suit

    -Team Cap (Included with registration fee)

    -Team T-shirts (Included with registration fee)



TYR is our official supplier of swim equipment, suits, and apparel.

Swim Ville USA is our official team dealer. All items above are carried by SwimVille (859) 441-7946.



3. Swim meet FAQ’s:

  1. Which meets should I sign up for?

        -Each training group has a set meet schedule. Your coach will provide you with more information.

    b) How do I sign up for a meet?

        -Sign up online through Marlins website. Go to Home page (must be       

         Signed in) and go to Events section.

    c) What events will I swim?

        -The coaches will pick events for the swimmers.



4. What are my volunteer responsibilities?

Click here for volunteer responsibilities: 


5. If I have questions, who should I contact?

As a rule of thumb, for an administrative or financial issue, contact Jennifer Hedger at [email protected]. If you have questions about anything dealing with the swimming side of the sport, contact your coach. All coaches will check emails daily and you will receive a quick response.


6. How will I receive information about the team and team related activities?

The best place to start is with your site’s calendar. The calendar will be updated with any pertinent information you may need. You will also receive an email from your swimmer’s coach on a weekly basis. The Marlins website is also a great source of information.