Welcome to the Cincinnati Marlins Officials homepage.

Our club has a need for parent volunteers to officiate at our home meets.  Among the many benefits are free admission to meets, free food & beverage via our excellent hospitality room, and a front-row seat to your child's swimming on deck.

No experience required.  Our Officials Chair will guide you through the education materials, and you will have the opportunity to apprentice with our current officials prior to being certified.

Our coaches and swimmers thank you for making our meets possible!

There are many perks to joining our officiating team!  Deck access, hospitality room and learning more about the sport are all a plus.  Avoiding the 3 am panic when you realize you missed volunteer sign ups, bonus!

Already an official....we are in need of additional Deck Refs and Starters.  Please consider upgrading your status and know you helped make the meet run quicker.  
If you have any questions or are interested in attending the training, please contact Rob Razzano [email protected]
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The Cincinnati Marlins host several of the best swim meets in Ohio and surrounding states.  We offer more quality swimming opportunities than any other club within 300 miles of Cincinnati.  In order to do this, we need our member families to get involved and take on the volunteer opportunities that require training, certification, and experience.  One important way to do this is to become a USA Swimming qualified Swimming Official.



10.  You are an active part of some of the best meets in Ohio Swimming.

9.  You get an excellent working knowledge of swimming and the rules.

8.  An exposure to other rewarding opportunities to participate in Marlins meets and operations.

7.  Our own amazing hospitality (good food and a cool place to sit) during Marlins meets.

6.  You meet and learn the sport with some of the best and most experienced USA Swimming Officials in Ohio Swimming.

5.  No need to work the crowds to find a seat in the gym or the bleachers.

4.  A Marlins Official shirt to wear with pride.

3.  USA Swimming fees are fully refundable when you work as an Official through the year.

2.  Flexibility in scheduling your session requirements.  You can work with the Officials Coordinator to schedule times that work for your personal schedule.

1.  BEST PLACE TO WATCH A MEET EVER!  You can watch the swimming action up close and interact with your swimmer in ways that are not possible any other volunteer role.


How to get started as a NEW OFFICIAL (rev. 9/18/22)

Officiating is a critical role in the development & success of all swimmers.  Simultaneously, Officiating provides an excellent journey of volunteerism growth & development for the Official as well !

Officials are certified through our LSC (Local Swim Committee) which is Ohio Swimming Inc and USA Swimming.

Below are the Certification steps at-a-glance:

https://Certification Steps

Absorbing all these steps may appear overwhelming, but we work with you along the way.

USA Swimming also provides resources on becoming a new Official…their link is below:


Officials Officiate by applying the USA Swimming Rule Book (link below).  Reviewing the technical rules (blue pages of the Rule Book) and watching the USA Swimming Technical Stroke Videos provides you with the needed foundation.  When you feel you are ready, you take the open book test. After you have completed the Background Check, Athlete Protection Training & Concussion Training you are ready to do your Apprentice Training on Deck.  Marlins reimburse the expense for Non-Athlete Registration and the Background Check. 

The very first step of the process has been changed.  You may have heard USA Swimming rolled out it’s first-phase in it’s massive technology platform transformation (SWIMS 3.0) on 9/1/22.  Jen Hedger is our Team Membership Registrar.  Below is the link to our Marlin page with information on Registering as a USA Swimming Non-Athlete Member.  This step must be done first before completing the others. Here’s Jen’s email for Registration help  [email protected].

Marlin Registration


USA Swimming Rule Book:

USA Swimming 2022 Rule Book


It’s expected your head may be “swimming” a little ; ) Rob Razzano, Official’s Chair [email protected], is another resource along with Steve Connock [email protected], Competition Chair for help/questions.

Rob and Steve will corrodinate your new Officiating journey to get you ready to Apprentice at an upcoming Marlins Meet !!


Upcoming Fall 2022 Officials Clinics:

Click the link below for a list of upcoming Fall 2022 Official's Clinics.  Attending either the Fall or Spring Official's Clinic is a requirement of Certification.

Officials Clinics Fall 2022


Meet Forms Resource:


Meet Forms

Meet Forms







Disqualification Slip




Form for disqualifications at meets










Relay Take Off Form - 6 Lane Pool




The take-off judge form for a 6-lane pool



Relay Take Off Form - 8 Lane Pool




The take-off judge form for a 8-lane pool



Relay Take Off Form - 10 Lane Pool




The take-off judge form for a 10-lane pool



Referee Meet Pass Down Sheet







On-Deck Lane Change/Add Slip




Slip for on-deck changes/adds



Officials Sign-in sheets














Athlete Time Certification Form




Form to certify intermediate splits/relay lead-off










Timer Split Recording Sheets




500    1000



Lap Counter Sheets - Short Course

Lap Counter Sheets - Long Course







800 & 1500