SUPPORT YOUR TEAM | Sponsorship & Donations

Annual Sponsorship Opportunities

Becoming a Splash Club sponsor is a great way to promote your business directly to out-of-town visitors and local residents.Splash Club hosts multiple events each year, drawing over 1,000 swimmers to Bartlesville. The events have a positive impact on the Bartlesville economy, bringing in an estimated $2 million in revenue to Bartlesville businesses each year. Learn more about our annual sponsorship opportunities.

Employer Matching Donations

Many employers will match employees' charitable donations. Your donations to Splash Club could be eligible for an employer match. That's free money for our team! Check with your employer to see whether they have a matching gift program. Your support is appreciated. 

Phillips 66 Employees

Are you a Phillips 66 employee? Donations you make to Splash Club may be eligible for a Phillips 66 company match! Here’s a quick Reference Guide to help you with this simple process.

Note: Phillip 66’s matching gift program is subject to change at any time and as an employee you’ll need to comply with their program requirements. Payment of your Splash Club membership fees do not count towards employer matching gifts.

ConocoPhillips Employees

Coming Soon.

Employer Volunteer Grants

Many employers will give volunteerism grants to organizations based on their employee’s volunteerism. Visit our Volunteer Page for more info.