REQUIRED PURCHASE: Splash Club Swim Caps w/ New Logo - Order by 1/19/22

Ann Englehart


We've got a new logo, so we need new swim caps! All families need to place an order. Once the new Splash Club caps come in, they will be required for meets. Old shield logo caps will need to be "retired" for use only during practice.

***If we don't receive an order for your swimmer, we will place an order for 2 plain caps for your swimmers and your Splash Club account will be billed.***

The ordering window is very short--orders are due this week by Wed Jan 19. 

Ordering Deadline: Wed Jan 19

***IMPORTANT: Once you've ordered, please close this window on your device. Due to a Google forms bug, failure to close that window could result in a duplicate order being submitted. Please also check with your significant others to make sure they haven't already placed an order. Members are responsible for the cost of duplicate orders.***

To order:

Splash Club swim caps must be worn when competing meets. It’s advisable to have 1 or 2 extra Splash Club caps on-hand just in case.

  • 2 Silicone Logo Caps with Name - $28

List the name you want on the cap. LAST NAMES ONLY (Ex: Smith, C. Smith). No nicknames. First names are permitted, but not preferred. 

  • 2 Plain Silicone Logo Caps (no name) - $24

Your Splash Club account will be billed for your purchase. Prices shown are approximate (we don't have the final quote from the vendor, but it will be close the amount shown above.) 

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