Competition Philosphy

Participation in meets is not mandatory for Splash Club members, however, it's strongly encouraged. Meets are a great way for swimmers to test the skills and technique they have learned in practice and a fun way to build team camaraderie.

Prior to each season, the coaching staff will determine the meet schedule for the upcoming year. There are several things we keep in mind when building our meet schedules:

  • Skill Level: As swimmers progress through our program and gain skill and experience, they will be able to attend higher levels of competition. Because not all meets are appropriate for each training group, each training group may have its own meet schedule. There are many occasions when all of our training groups will attend the same meet; however, at times our training groups may be attending separate meets. 

For Example: D1, D2, Jr. Octane and High Octane swimmers may be scheduled for a meet in Tulsa. The same weekend, qualifying National Group swimmers may be scheduled for a meet in Oklahoma City.

  • Timing: We strive to build "cushion" around meets to ensure that families aren't traveling every weekend and to allow swimmers enough time between meets to in improve skill, training, and performance. 

  • Distance: We generally schedule meets within a reasonable driving distance from Bartlesville (such as Tulsa, Edmond, and Fayetteville). However, more advanced swimmers (such as our National group) may travel greater distances to attend meets. 

  • Other Factors: The area a variety of other factors that go into planning our meet schedule. We strive to ensure that our meet schedule meets takes into account the long-range and short-term goals for our program and swimmers. 

Meet Schedules will be available on the team's calendar and Meet Schedule page of our website. Prior to meets, coaches will e-mail meet information and you can register your child at that time.