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   The Columbia River Swim Team (CRST) of Vancouver Washington, offers families an opportunity to have their swimmers participate in a competitive swim program focused on coaching participants to their full potential in a positive team environment.   
   CRST offers a year round training program, competitive events and private instruction for young people ages 5 and up.  Swimming at the Premier Cascade Athletic Club in Vancouver’s east side. CRST has access to a 25 yard outdoor pool and a 25 meter indoor pool. Five levels of training are provided to accomodate any skill level.  Our professional coaches are interested in developing both successful swimmers as well as successful people. All swimmers are given the opportunity to participate, learn, compete, and have fun. 

   CRST has defined the following team objectives to continually guide the development of our swimmers.  It is our goal:
1) To provide physical fitness, proper conditioning, development of self esteem and positive image through a life time sport and recreational activity of swimming.

2) To provide an environment for self-improvement and goal achievement through hard work, dedication, self-discipline and perseverance.

3) To promote the ideals of honesty, integrity, good sportsmanship and team loyalty through competition at all peer and ability levels.

4) To provide a quality instruction and training atmosphere from a comprehensive learn-to-swim program to the level of state, regional, national and collegiate quality swimmers.

5) To develop a family oriented team with parental commitment and support, and community involvement.

6) To participate in local, state, regional, and national swimming events sponsored by the United States Swimming Inc. and the United States Olympic Committee.

7) To have fun as individuals and as a team.

The Columbia River Swim Team believes strongly in the "TEAM" concept. Constant support creates an atmosphere that encourages the physical, emotional, and intellectual growth that swimming provides. It is our goal to develop both great swimmers and confident men and women who can be proud of themselves as a result of a positive swimming experience