From pool, turn 
Right onto S. Ivy St.
Right on Township Rd
Left on S. Redwood Rd
Right on 4th

Left on Sequoia Parkway (stop sign)
Right on Walnut (this right turn is about a 100 yards or so after turning onto Sequoia Parkway
Follow Walnut until it T's into 1st Ave.
Right on 1st Av. (which turns into Haines Rd, which turns into New Era Rd.), from New Era,
Right onto Central Point Rd.
Right on Township Rd.
Left on Sequoia Parkway (COURSE CHANGE 2015)
Right on SE 13th Ave.
Turn right into the Adult Center parking lot and dismount by the bus stop shelter



RUN COURSE: NEW for 2020

From Pool parking lot,
Run behind Ackerman Middle School and along walkway on east side of school,
Turn left on SE 13th Ave.
Left on Teakwood
Right on Baker Prairie Trail (COURSE CHANGE 2020)
Left on South Molalla Forest Road aka the logging road
Exit left at SE Township Road
Left on S Redwood Street
Left on access rd. back towards Baker Prairie Trail
Right on S Teakwood Street
Right on SE 13th Ave
Right on walkway at east end of Ackerman Middle School and 
Finish on the Ackerman Middle School track.