How to Join? Edit

Thank you for your interest in the Canby Swim Club (Gators).  We offer training and practice groups for swimmers of many ages and ability levels. It is our goal to offer progressive, age-specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing them to the best of their abilities.

New swimmers are encouraged to apply for membership shortly before the season start dates in September and April.  We offer limited spaces within each squad and spots will be awarded based on availability and ability.  Mid-season entry may be possible, but please check w/ Coach Nathan before completing the registration material.  More information about each of the groups is available here.  You may also find more detailed membership information here.

After completing your registration, and if spots are available in the appropriate group, you will be contacted to arrange a two-week, no obligation try-out period. For liability purposes, this process must be complete and check in-hand before the swimmer can enter the water.

Should your family decide to not proceed w/ your application after the trial period you will be refunded the registration fee ($70) minus a $3 processing fee.