The Canby Swim Club was formed in the 1970’s as a non-profit, parent-run organization. Except for the coaches, the Canby Swim Club is entirely run by parent volunteers. If you have questions, please ask another parent…we were all beginners at one time! Our Board of Directors includes 7 parents elected by the membership to carry on the business of the swimming program.

The Club currently employs three coaches: Head Coach Nathan Templeman, Assistant Coach Eric Laitinen and Assistant Coach Amy Nelson. E-mail is the preferred method of communication for the coaches as they are often moving directly from one practice to the next. Please feel free to contact them if you have questions or would like to set up a time to meet with them. You can find their contact information on the Gators website at Click on the Coaches tab in the upper left hand corner.

We highly recommend that you get familiar with the Canby Swim Club website at . It is where you will find all the information on volunteer opportunities, upcoming swim meets, team practice times and more. You may also download the mobile version called OnDeck. In addition to the Gators website there are also Oregon Swimming ( and USA Swimming ( websites. Both are great sources of information including articles on swimming, strokes, volunteering, attending meets, being a swim parent, etc.


Monthly invoices will be emailed to you and available on the team website. All meet fees will be added to your monthly invoice. If you would like to look at your account more in depth see the instructions below.

Log on to; Click "My Account" on left side of webpage Select "My Invoice/Payment" Select "Current Invoice Summary" In red, you will see "Current Invoice Total Owed this Month"

Three payment options: mail your payment to Canby Swim Club, PO Box 21, Canby, OR 97013, go online and select the pay online via credit/debit card option, or place your payment in the purple mailbox at the pool by no later than 4:00 p.m. on the 20th of each month. A $25 late fee will be assessed to any account with a balance over $0.00 on the 21st of each month. If full payment (including late fee) has not been received by the last day of the month, the swimmer will be suspended from the team and will not be eligible to participate in Canby Swim Club activities, including practice, until full payment is received and posted to the account. In the event of a swimmer’s medical related absence that extends beyond two weeks, and is documented by a doctor's written note, the account may be handled in one of two ways at the account holder’s request: 1) The account may be suspended, but the swimmer’s spot on the team is available to be filled. The swimmer will only return to the team in the event there is a position available and with coach approval. The date of the suspension is either two weeks after the swimmer was last healthy and in the water, or the date that notice was given by the account holder, based on whichever comes later. 2) The account remains current and payable in which case the swimmer’s spot will be held indefinitely with the understanding that attendance issues will be addressed on a case by case basis with the coach(es). Swimmer is required to notify their Coach and the Treasurer, in writing, of any extended absence from the team. Upon returning to the team, swimmer needs to notify the treasurer in writing.


Please take time to introduce yourself to our Board of Directors, Webmaster, Registrar, Sponsorship Coordinator and Meet Director. Their email links are located on the website in the upper left hand corner. Click on Coaches and go down to the bottom to click on the board member you need to contact. Your Board of Directors is here to represent you. If at any time you have questions, suggestions or concerns about your swimmer, the club, the coaches, meets or your involvement please do not hesitate to contact us!


The Canby Swim Club and all swim meets are run entirely by parent volunteers. Please understand that without parent volunteers, the Canby Gators could not exist. To accomplish this, all families are required to volunteer at club events. First year families and/or families in which the oldest swimmer is in the K-3rd grade group are required to provide at least 10 service hours. All other families (4th grade swimmers and up) are required to complete 20 service hours. It is expected that each family will fill at least one volunteer job per home meet - even if your swimmer does not compete. There are jobs for everyone – concession sales, bullpen, deck runner, hospitality server, deck marshal, and trained meet officials. There are plenty more! If you don't know what a specific job entails just ask! Families joining after the start of the swim year in September will have their Mandatory Service Hours requirement prorated at the discretion of the board.

Events that satisfy Mandatory Service Hours:

  • Home Meets- There are 3-4 events from October- March, look for sign-ups to be emailed out several weeks before the event.
  • Canby High School Meets- Approximately 7 meets are held on Thursday afternoons from November - January. Look for sign-ups to be sent out a week or two before the event.

How to Sign Up

When you SIGN UP on the website, after selecting your job, you will be asked to provide the name of the person who will actually be doing the job. Note the times for your job and plan to be at the pool early enough to check-in at the clerk of course table (make sure your name is highlighted on the sign in sheet!) and be at your assigned area by the job start time. You will receive credit for the time listed on the sign in sheet. If you choose to arrive early or stay late you will not receive additional credit unless the Meet Director has asked you to work a longer shift. $20/hour will be assessed for any unfulfilled volunteer hours. We would rather have your time than your money. To receive credit for your volunteer time, you must SIGN UP to volunteer on the website, and you must SIGN IN at the meet. Please do not expect credit if you fail to do one or both of these things.


Participation in some fundraisers will include your labor and some will require that you raise funds as well as be active at the event. We are a non-profit organization. It is imperative to the team's financial well-being that these fundraisers are successful each year.

The Gator Grinder Triathlon

The Grinder is held the Saturday before Mother’s Day in May. It is our largest fundraiser. All families are required to provide at least one adult or approved teen volunteer for this event (many provide more than one). This is a fun event and our volunteers are continually praised by participants. This is largely due to our volunteers keeping the event organized and safe. It generally will take up one morning (approx. 6 hours) of your time. Required volunteer time at the Grinder does not count towards your Mandatory Service Hours, but additional positions filled beyond the one requirement per family will count towards your Mandatory Service Hours. There is a $200 charge for those families NOT providing a volunteer.


A $100 minimum contribution is required per family. Any amount not met will be billed to your account. Swimmers will set swimming goals, gather pledges, turn in pledged funds by the specified date and swim during the Swim-a-Thon. All but a small USA Swimming fee goes back to our team. Time spent counting laps for swimmers at the Swim-a-Thon does not count towards your Mandatory Service Hours.

Plant Sale

All families are required to fulfill one job for the plant sale. Jobs include putting up fliers to advertise the sale, securing donations from nurseries, providing plants divided from home, picking up donated plants, working at the set up or take down days, and other jobs as they come up.  An opt out fee of $200 per family will be incurred if not participating in the event. Hours worked do not count towards your Mandatory Service Hours.



All families that attend an away meet are expected to time in Canbyʼs assigned lane. Timing is a job that all teams ask their visiting teams to help with. Please plan to sign up for a timing shift when we are hosted by other teams. Timing does not count toward Mandatory Service Hours.


During the short course season we will email out food sign ups to provide food for the officials and coaches at our home meets. A week or two before a home meet the food sign up will be emailed out. Please sign up for what your family can provide and bring it to the meet by the specified time. Food donations will count towards Mandatory Service Hours.


Written notification is required when leaving the team. This needs to be provided to both your coach and the Treasurer. Departing the team during Short Course season (Sep-Mar) swim member families are obligated to the mandatory 20 service hours. Any unfulfilled mandatory volunteer hours will be billed at $20/hour. Any amount not met of the Swim-a-thon $200 minimum will be billed. Departing the team during Long Course season (Apr-Aug) swim member families are obligated to the mandatory 20 service hours. Any unfulfilled mandatory volunteer hours will be billed at $20/hour. Gator Grinder opt out fee of $200 will be billed. Summer Fundraising Event opt out fee of $200 will be billed. Gator Grinder and Summer Fundraising fees will be waived if you work both fundraising events as a volunteer.


If you have siblings with you while you wait for your swimmer, please keep an eye on them. We have had problems with children damaging the bulletin board, bending the mats into forts, and running up and down the bleachers. Please be courteous to all others sitting and watching in the bleachers.