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Y Elite
Ages 13 & Up

Admission into this group is by coaches’ invitation ONLY. The Y Elite training group will consist of athletes possessing the skills, desire, and dedication to train at the highest level. Strict practice attendance, including dry-land and other activities, is required at all times.

Goals of Y Elite include competing at YMCA Nationals at the finalist level, Ohio High School State finalist level, and other USA Championship meets and beyond.

Training emphasis is directed at preparing athletes for National competition and a collegiate swimming career. Workouts will be based in aerobic and IM training with substantial levels of speed, strength, stroke, and skills refinement.

Dry-land and strength training will focus on core body strength, body control, and injury prevention. Programs and workouts are designed in consultation with strength and swimming industry professionals.

All practices, including mornings, dry-land/ in-season conditioning, and weekends are mandatory.

Swimmers are required to attend and compete in each Championship Meet qualified for during both Short Course and Long Course seasons (all sessions).


Gold Group
Ages 13 & Up

Training is geared toward YMCA National competition and beyond. This practice group is only for athletes committed to reaching their full swimming potential.

The emphasis for this group is on high levels of endurance, strength and speed conditioning with technique refinement. A focus will be placed on increasing training volumes, IM/stroke work, and overall advanced aerobic based development.

Goals include gearing the swimmer for a stronger emotional commitment to the team/program and learning to push their own personal limits in training and competition.  

Regular practice attendance, 5 practices per week, plus 1 morning practice per week for high school students is required. Dry-land and other training activities are considered part of practice.


Silver Group
Ages 11 & Up

The Silver Group is the Coffman Y’s introduction to senior swimming. While still focusing on refining stroke mechanics and developing specific skills, more of an emphasis will begin to be placed on developing the swimmers aerobic capacity. This will primarily be achieved by focusing on moderate distance and IM training.

This group is for Jr High and High School swimmers as well as advanced middle school aged swimmers. Also included are swimmers that swim seasonally, are multi-sport athletes, or who just want to swim to be involved with the sport.

High School Age Swimmers-5 practices per week recommended.
JR High School Age or younger Swimmers- 4 practices per week recommended.


White Group
Ages 10-14

The White Group is designed to prepare swimmers for AA and Zone levels of competition. The group is comprised of primarily 11&older swimmers while also including some Zone level 9-10’s. 

Emphasis is placed on mastering the skills necessary for competitive swimming: training etiquette, advanced stroke mechanics, aerobic capacity, race strategy, goal setting, nutrition, and mental preparation.

Three practices per week are required for swimmers ages 11 and older. Four practices per week are highly encouraged.


Green Group
Ages 12&under

The Green Group is targeted at continuing to develop advanced skills in all four competitive strokes, starts, turns, and basic race strategies. A focus will also be placed on an introduction to slightly longer/aerobic based swimming. Skills are taught with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment of the sport to provide an all-around positive experience for swimmers.

Attendance at 3 practices per week is strongly encouraged.


Maroon Group
Ages 10&under

The Maroon Group is an entry-level competitive group with a focus on successfully learning all four competitive strokes, an introduction to structured swim practices and the concepts of endurance and racing. Emphasis is placed on team fun and camaraderie through competition and team work. Drills and games are used to engage swimmers and keep steadily progressing and learning. An introduction to starts and turns is also part of the Maroon Group.


Swimmers are expected to participate in at least 3 YMCA meets during the regular short-course season and to attend all championship meets for which they qualify, in their entirety. See the CFY Team Handbook for more details.