Welcome to Emerald Aquatics Masters!

Emerald Aquatics Masters is a fun group of people who enjoy being fit by swimming together. The program provides an organized swimming workout for adults over the age of 18 that promotes good health, fitness, friendship, and competition through swimming. The team is comprised of a wide-range of swimmers from swim parents, fitness swimmers, and triathletes as well as competitive swimmers. Our various practice times offer options for different schedules that work for you. A certified coach is on deck who provides a structured practice and technique work for all levels and abilities. Throughout the year swimmers are provided opportunities to challenge themselves and see their improvements with stress sets, organized swim events, and competitions. None of the competitive events are required but they're a good way to see progress in the pool! And as with most Masters groups, there are several social events scheduled outside of the pool throughout the year. 

If you are able to swim a length in the pool by yourself, you are ready for this group. 


We invite you to try our FREE One-Week Trial and see for yourself what our program has to offer. 

Visit the dropdown menu under "Masters Program" for new swimming information, practice schedule, registration, membership requirements, and more!


United States Masters Swimming (USMS) Mission: To promote health, wellness, fitness, and competition for adults through swimming. (www.usms.org)