This is a selective group of swimmers who need slightly more intense training than is offered in Senior 3. Swimmers must be willing to maintain high levels of training in order to qualify for this group. Practices will be endurance based with additional speed training as a supplement. Workout etiquette, competition speed, and practice attendance will be strictly evaluated for each swimmer. Swimmers who do not meet the ongoing requirement will be warned and then re-assigned to Senior 3. No refunds or reimbursements will be issued. 

Dryland practices will increase in intensity and will focus on overall strength. Bodyweight and introduction of weight lifting will be done with focus on form and technique to ensure safety.

Athletes in this group will be expected to act as examples and leaders to younger KEY swimmers both in and out of the water.

Ability Level

  • Must be willing and able to train at high levels
  • Must be able to swim 3000 yards Freestyle
  • Must be able to attempt 200 yards of each stroke
  • Must be able to attempt a 400 yard IM
  • Must be able to understand time cycles and read a pace clock
  • Ability to manage time and outside obligations
  • Ability to set realistic goals and work to attain them

Equipment Needed

  • Paddles
  • Pull Buoy
  • Front Mounted Snorkel
  • Long Fins
  • Short Fins
  • Kickboard
  • Mesh Bag
  • Water Bottle

Practice Requirements

  • 80% requirement for the short course season and 70% requirement for the long course season
  • This includes any vacations or jobs