SwimTulsa is a member of USA Swimming

All SwimTulsa White Team, Blue Team, Gold Team and Senior Team swimmers must be registered members of USA Swimming and SwimTulsa to practice and/or attend meets. USA Swimming registration is included on this SwimTulsa registration. Cost options are detailed in the online registration. For team descriptions, see the "Groups/Practice" section on the homepage. For students who have had lessons and/or experience in swimming, email Coach Katie at [email protected] to set up an evaluation time. 

2021-2022 New and Re-registration for Current/Returning SwimTulsa Members:

2021-2022 Fee Schedule for SwimTulsa (please see registration for more details):

USA Swimming fee ($82) and Admin fee ($30) - payable when joining and then once a year when re-registering. Seasonal USA Swimming Fee ($46) and Admin Fee ($30) is only good from April 1-August 15. Swimmer is not eligible for end of long course season championship meets with a seasonal membership. Flex membership ($20) is only available to new swimmers who want to try the sport of swimming. There is a limit of 2 sanctioned meets per year below the championship levels. If a swimmer wants to do more they can apply the Flex fee to a full USAS membership if applying in the same swim year.

Membership Options:

Senior Team (by coach approval)

  • $175/month

Gold Team (by coach approval)

  • $160/month

Blue Team ​(by coach approval)

  • $120/month

White Team (novice/beginner-all ages):​

  • $90/month 

Alumni (college age, prior head coach approval)

  • $87.50

*Swim year is from September 1-August 31

​See the online ST Swim Store for required equipment for each team group (located on homepage). 

ST Scholarship Information and Application:

  • Financial aid is available to applicants who show willingness and commitment to participate as an active member of ST and who would be unable to participate without financial aid. These scholarships are made available through ST, a 501(c)3 organization. Please complete a SwimTulsa (ST) Scholarship Application. NOTE: Stroke Team/lesson fees are NOT eligible for funding via the ST Scholarship Program.

  • USA-S membership at a reduced cost is available via an OKS Outreach Information and Application. Return this application to ST.

  • OKS Transfer Form (click title, fillable form) This is for any swimmer who is transferring from another USAS team to SwimTulsa. It must be turned in with the ST registration form. The $5 fee is waived if the swimmer is re-registering with ST. The fee is not required if transferring to Oklahoma from another state, but the form is still required.

ST Policies & Required Consent Forms: Revised 8/2021

Helpful Links:

These links can help you learn more about competitive swimming:

SwimTulsa is a USA Swimming Member Team. Our swimmers establish themselves as amateur athletes by becoming USA Swimming members.

USA Swimming divides the swimming community into Zones and Local Swimming Committees (LSC). SwimTulsa is a member of the Oklahoma Swimming LSC and the Central Zone of USA Swimming.

USA Swimming maintains the Fast Times Database of official swimming times for all athletes. Swimming Psychology free swim tips-they are great! The Official Site of the Olympic Movement