Katie Koch

Give the gift that lasts a lifetime this holiday season! Enroll in our 8-week winter session of SwimAmerica lessons that go from Jan. 3-Feb. 24 on Monday-Thursday evenings from 6:30-7 PM at Union's pool. Save your spot and register through Jan. 7!

Corinne Dolan

The SwimTulsa 2021-2022 Registration is now open for all new and returning members. Make sure to read all documents and sign all necessary forms. Welcome to SwimTulsa and Welcome back to all our members!

Corinne Dolan

SwimTulsa, Congratulations on achieving USA Swimming Safe Sport Recognized Club status. USA Swimming’s top priority continues to be keeping our athletes safe and we are proud of your team’s partnership in this effort. Your accomplishment demonstrates your dedication to providing a safe and healthy environment free from abuse for all our athletes. We want to personally thank you for your continued commitment to safeguarding your club’s athletes and for putting in the time, effort and dedication to ensuring the best possible experience for them. On behalf of all of us...

Corinne Dolan


  Ten Ways for the Swim Parent to Sabotage Their Child's Swimming Career  (written with tongue firmly in cheek)  By John Leonard, American Swimming Coaches Association pdf version   After thirty-three full years of observation, it has occurred to me that some parents must internally delight in the idea of sabotaging their child's swim career. They must for some perverse reason WANT to do this, since they work so incredibly hard at it and are so remarkably successful. Hereafter, my top ten list of means and methods. (And more seriously,...