OK State LC Recap 2018

Head Coach David Lynn:  Everyone swam really well this weekend especially considering the upheaval in practicing this summer.  

Congrats SwimTulsa - way to hang in there!

Team Score:

Combined Scores - SwimTulsa 3rd Place (still #1 in Eastern OK!)

11/12 Girls - Tie for 2nd Place

13/14 Girls - 2nd Place

13/14 Boys - 1st Place

15/19 Girls - 1st Place

Individual High Point:

10 Yr Old Girls - Ellie Mink 3rd Place

12 Yr Old Girls - Ella McGovern 2nd Place, Ella Newhouse 3rd Place

13 Yr Old Boys - Trenton vonHartitzsch 1st Place, Mason Mink 3rd Place

14 Yr Old Girls - Klair Bradley 1st Place, Kelly Vu 2nd Place

14 Yr Old Boys - Danny Sibley 1st Place 

15/16 Yr Old Boys - Sammy Duda 3rd Place

17/19 Yr Old Girls - Libby Howell 1st Place, Josie Uerling 3rd Place

Distance Award:

13/14 Girls - Klair Bradley 1st Place, Kelly Vu 2nd Place

13/14 Boys - Danny Sibley 1st Place

15/16 Girls - Courtney Posey 3rd Place

15/16 Boys - Sammy Duda 1st Place, Clay Powell 3rd Place

17/19 Girls - Libby Howell 2nd Place, Josie Uerling 3rd Place

All results are on the meet information page under "Documents"