The USA Swimming Scholastic All-America Team

The USA Swimming Scholastic All-America Team is made up of high school student-athletes who have a grade point average of 3.5 or higher and who have achieved the required time standard in a single event. To be eligible for this recognition, swimmers must have completed 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade and must be a USA Swimming member athlete.

THSC Scholastic All-Americans

2020: Katherine Adams, Angus Corbeau, Lily Gardner, Fay Lustria, Jessica Maeda, Emma Matous, Diego Nosack, Marco Nosack

2019: Katherine Adams, Angus Corbeau, Caspar Corbeau, Lily Gardner, Kiki Lindsay, Tia Lindsay, Fay Lustria, Jessica Maeda, Emma Matous, Marco Nosack, Sofia Nosack

2018: Elizabeth Cook, Caspar Corbeau, Jessica Maeda, Trent Martinez, Marco Nosack, Sofia Nosack, Nalex Young

2017: Paolo Casas, Caspar Corbeau, Anthony Nosack, Sofia Nosack

​2016: Lisa Kaunitz, Anthony Nosack, Ben Settle

2015: Emily Cheng, Lisa Kaunitz, Liam Metzsch, Sara Metzsch, Kyle Miller, Anthony Nosack, Ben Settle, Caitlyn Wilson, Tiffany Zhao

2014: Emily Cheng, Liam Metzsch, Sara Metzsch, Tiffany Zhao

2013: Emily Cheng, Celia Keany, Kasey Kwong, Liam Metzsch, Marita Sailor, Blaise Wittenauer-Lee, Tiffany Zhao

2012: Grace Carlson, Kasey Kwong, Gabriel Rooker, Prudence Rooker, Marita Sailor, Cameron Stitt

2011: Megan McCarroll, Gabriel Rooker, Cameron Stitt, Aaron Young

2010: Megan McCarroll, Aaron Young

2009: Sarah Cruzan, Connor McCarroll, Megan McCarroll, Aaron Young

2008: Sarah Cruzan, Alexandra Farrar, Mackenzie Luick, Judith McCulley

2007: Brittany Anderson, Morgan Azinger, Ann Barrington, Alexandra Farrar, Victoria Hartman, Brendan Liu, Mackenzie Luick, Judith McCulley, Jonathan Rooker

2006: Cody Deacon, Victoria Hartman, Judith McCulley, Kelsey Pinson, Morgan Scroggy

2005: Morgan Scroggy

2004: Kate Bieze