Team Information

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Who We Are

Tualatin Hills Swim Club (THSC) has served Washington County within the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District since 1957. Athletes ages 4 and up compete at the local, regional, national and international level. THSC alumni include multiple national, NCAA, and international competitors, as well as National Team members and Olympic medalists. THSC is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), tax-exempt member of USA Swimming and Oregon Swimming, Inc., and is administered by a voluntary board of directors elected by our members.

Our Mission

Tualatin Hills Swim Club is a competitive swim team committed to athletic excellence. Dedication, determination and persistence are the choices we expect of an individual.

  • These choices may produce an Olympic champion.
  • These choices will produce champions in life.

Our Philosophy

Within a competitive swimming environment, THSC fosters the growth and development of our community youth and promotes valuable, character-building skills that reach beyond the water into all aspects of the swimmers’ lives. Our swimmers are grouped by age and ability to create an environment in which swimmers of all levels may develop to their fullest and feel successful, whether they are beginners or world class athletes.

Developing competitive swimmers is a disciplined process that comes through growth and maturity, hard work, trial and error, success and failure. Swimming can be time-consuming but need not be life-consuming. Parents and swimmers alike support the notion that swimming is a complement to a child’s development.

Coaches, parents and swimmers know that even though the hardest worker in the pool does not always win the race, their commitment and persistence will enable them to achieve their best, both in and out of the pool. This lesson will be of immeasurable worth, not only in each athlete's swimming career, but throughout his/her life.

Designed for Challenge and Success

Our program is designed to encompass and challenge all who participate, as well as follow a continuous developmental progression. To that end, we divide the team by age and ability and encourage them to grow within and into each new level. Workout schedules and squad placements are determined by the coaching staff with the goal of meeting the swimmer’s individual needs for success.

Coaching of our newest and/or youngest swimmers is oriented towards the development of swimming basics, including the four strokes, turns, and starts. Early development of the competitive swimmer emphasizes enjoyment of the sport. Work on technique and fitness is balanced with a certain amount of fun and games. More experienced swimmers are exposed to increased conditioning and advanced training concepts including mental preparation, cross training, and nutrition.

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