Tornadoes Swim Team Requirements

Swimming age or requirements:

Your child or adolescent needs to be able to swim on his or her own. It is preferred that swimmers have previously completed at least some swim lessons. Our program is designed for swimmers 6-18 years of age.  We do, however, have swimmers as young as 5 years of age (typically younger siblings of older swimmers).  Our professional coaches work with swimmers to develop the four main swim strokes (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke).  Ideally, swimmers are capable of completing two lengths of the pool (50 yards) each of Freestyle and Backstroke and a length of the pool (25 yards) each of Butterfly and Breaststroke.  Swimmers who are not interested in being competitive (yet!) are recommended to try the Aquatic Conditioning class offered by the YMCA, where the Tornadoes practice, as a stepping stone to the team. 


Group Standards:

FR=Freestyle, BK=Backstroke, BR=Breaststroke, FLY=Butterfly, IM=Individual Medley (all 4 strokes)

Coaches discretion will be taken into account to make sure each swimmer is mentally ready for the group they are placed in.

F1 Group Requirements

  • FR/IM: 50 yard FR, 50 yard BK, 25 yard BR, 25 yard FLY
  • Swim Meet Competitions: Recommended, but not required
  • Attendance:  3 practices maximum per week, 3 recommended for progress
  • Age: 13 and under

F2 Group Requirements

  • FR: 12 x 100 yards on 2:15 minutes
  • IM: 6 x 100 yards on 2:30 minutes
  • Swim Meet Competitions: 2 meets per season required
  • Attendance:  3 practices mandatory, 4 strongly encouraged per week
  • Age: 10-12

F3 Group Requirements

  • FR: 12 x 100 yards on 2:15 minutes
  • IM: 6 x 100 yards on 2:30 minutes
  • Swim Meet Competitions: Encouraged, but not required
  • Attendance:  3 practices minimum per week is strongly encouraged
  • Age: 11 and over

F4 Group Requirements

  • FR: 16 x 100 yards on 1:45 minutes
  • IM: 6 x 200 yards on 4:00 minutes
  • Swim Meet Competitions: 1 meet per season required
  • Attendance:  3 practices mandatory, 4 strongly encouraged per week
  • Age: 13 and over

F5 Group Requirements

  • FR: 20 x 100 yards on 1:30 minutes
  • IM: 8 x 200 yards on 3:40 minutes
  • Swim Meet Competitions: 3 meets per season required
  • Attendance:  5 practices minimum per week
  • Age: 14 and over



Equipment Needed:

Click here to find out what equipment is needed.