Tornadoes Swim Team Account FAQ's

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How do I see my invoices and what I owe?

  • Sign into your account at
  • Click on My Account, green box on left-hand side of screen.
  • Click on $My Invoice/Payment in the list that pops up.  
  • Account Charges Summary pops up first.  This shows what you owe this month.
  • The first item on the list, Account Recurring Charges Summary, shows what you can expect to be billed automatically for your swimmer(s) monthly and annually.
  • Current Invoice Summary shows you the current total owed this month, payments made this month, new charges/credits this month, and upcoming charges expected for the next month's invoice.
  • Total Projected Amount Owed gives an approximation of what your bill will be next month.
  • Billing History shows a list of your charges.  

Why do I sometimes get email invoices and what do they mean?

  • By the middle of each month, if your account shows a balance due, you will receive an invoice reminder email.  This tells you your current invoice amount as well as a link to log into the website.  If you have a $0 or credit balance, or if you pay by credit card, you will not get this invoice reminder.

How do I sign up for autopay?

  • Sign into your account, then click on My Account on the left-hand side.
  • Click on Setup Autopay.  It will open your Payment Setup screen.  The screen will show that you are currently signed up for Mail Payments/Manual Pay.  Choose Add a New Card or Add a Bank Account, depending on which you would like to do.  Fill in the card or bank account information on the screen and press NEXT. Press Save Payment Setup.
  • NOTE:  The first time you enter your card or bank information, the amount you owe will not be immediately paid. (The exception is if you are completing a new registration for the first time.)  Please email the treasurer (Tracey Yotsuuye at that you have put in a new credit card or ACH.  The treasurer can initiate a manual one-time payment to cover your current balance.

How do I change my credit card?

  • Sign into your account, then click on My Account on the left-hand side.
  • Click on Payment Setup.
  • Click Update Card then say OK to prompt.
  • Enter new card information and press Next.
  • Press Save Payment Setup and say OK to prompt.

How do I stop using my credit card and go back to paying by check?

  • Sign into your account, then click on My Account on the left-hand side.
  • Click on Payment Setup.
  • Click on the red Remove Card option and press OK.
  • Your dues will no longer be charged to your credit card and you will need to mail or drop off your payments.

Late Fees:

  • We ask that all accounts be paid by the 28th of each month.  However, as long as a payment is received postmarked by the last day of the month, the treasurer will delete or credit back this fee and you can disregard it.  

How do I take a break or quit the team?

  • Most importantly, don't forget the contract states you MUST give a 30-day notice.   If your notice comes in the middle of a given month, your dues will be pro-rated accordingly.
  • Please fill out the form on the website and email it to both the treasurer and Coach Sophia.  If you prefer, you may also print out the form and drop it into the Tornadoes mailbox in the lobby.
  • The form can be found by signing into your account on the website.  Along the top, hover your cursor on the green Parents tab.  A list will then pop up. Click on Forms, the last item on the list.
  • Click on the link for Leave of Absence/Member Discontinuation Form.
  • This will download as a separate document that you can fill out online and attach to an email, or print and fill out by hand.  Feel free to drop these off in the Tornadoes mailbox in the YMCA lobby or mail.
  • NOTE:  For those who are leaving the Tornadoes, if you have a balance due at the time of your last day with the team, your child will be deactivated but your account will remain open until the balance due is paid in full.  You will continue to receive invoices via email or mail until your financial obligation is met.

How do I sign-up for meets or decline meets?

  • Sign into your account on the website.  In the middle of the Home Page, under Events, you will see a list of all upcoming meets currently scheduled and the deadline for sign-ups.
  • Click the Edit Commitment button by the meet of your choice.
  • Click your swimmer's name.
  • Under Declaration, press the down-arrow and choose either YES or No.  If you can only attend 1 day, choose YES, then in the comments section below, make a note of which day you will be attending.
  • Most importantly, press SAVE.  As long as it's before the deadline given by Coach Sophia, you can change your commitment by going in and changing your selection, again remembering to press SAVE.

Payments or other paperwork to the team can be dropped off in the black lock box in the YMCA lobby above the trophy case or mailed to:

Tornadoes Swim Team

P.O. Box 61607

Vancouver, WA 98666

Thank you!  If you have any questions or if you notice any errors on your invoices, please get in touch with Tracey Yotsuuye at or through the website.