Tornadoes Parent Responsibility in Timing:

Parent Timer hours will be accrued for each meet a swimmer attends. Accrual will be based on the number of Tornadoes swimmers attending and the meet host requirement (typically 30 to 60 minutes per session.) All parents with a swimmer attending a meet need to check in at the meet host volunteer desk to ensure all Tornadoes timing requirements are met for the day prior to leaving their child unattended at the meet. If assigned lanes are not covered, parents with accrued minutes will be expected to stay or return later to cover a timing session on a given meet day. Accrued hours must be completed by the last meet attended by the swimmer each season. 

Click here to go the the list of scheduled meets.  Once you identify the meet(s) you will be attending, click the Job Sign-up button to the right of the meet title and select a timing slot to sign up.NOTE: When you sign up on our website, you are using the system to track the time you will be timing, but this is not a guarantee that you will get that exact timeslot at the meet. When you arrive at the meet, find the timer signup sheets, and sign up for your desired time slot at the meet.  Their system is not connected to our system.  There may be situations where we will not need as many timers or we may need more timers. Also, most swim meets use 2-hour timer slots, so if you are only timing for 1 hour, put your name and the time you will be there so another Tornadoes timer can fill the other hour.  If you have questions, seek out help from the Timer Manager or another Tornadoes parent or coach.

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