Tornadoes Swim Team F5 Group


 Coach:  Sophia Stone-Holmbeck

 Cell phone: (360) 609-1030


Group Standards:

FR=Freestyle, BK=Backstroke, BR=Breaststroke, FLY=Butterfly, IM=Individual Medley (all 4 strokes)

Coaches discretion will also be taken into account to make sure each swimmers is also mentally ready to move to another group.

F5 Group Requirements

  • FR: 20 x 100 yards on 1:35 minutes
  • IM: 8 x 200 yards on 3:40 minutes
  • Swim Meet Competitions: 3 meets per season required
  • Attendance:  4 practices mandatory, 5 strongly encouraged per week
  • Age: 15 and over

Equipment Needed:

  • water bottle
  • fins
  • kick board
  • snorkel
  • hand paddles
  • pull buoys
  • drag suit
  • extra towel and clothes for dryland training

If you have any questions or concerns related to this training group, you can contact the following people: