About Westerville Aquatic Club

What is WAC?

WAC is a year-round competitive swim club based out of Westerville, Ohio. We are committed to helping kids swim fast and have fun! We have helped swimmers of all ages achieve their goals and have been represented at meets of the highest level.  

WAC was established to provide the opportunity for every child to pursue excellence in the sport of swimming. Just as important, WAC seeks to promote the highest level of sportsmanship, integrity, self-discipline and compassion in mind and spirit so that the child is not only an excellent athlete, but a respected and respectful individual, and a caring, considerate teammate.

What does WAC offer?

WAC offers year-round training for swimmers during all seasons. WAC has two major competitive seasons, a short course season, and a long course season. During each of these seasons there are scheduled meets that all swimmers are encouraged to attend, and higher-level swimmers are required to attend. Each season culminates with a championship meet. 

Season Breakdown

Short Course Season

Short course describes competition in a 25-yard pool. During this season, WAC utilizes two training facilities, the Westerville Jaycee Indoor Pool (WJC), and the Oakstone Academy Indoor Pool (OAK). Both facilities are viewable on the "Pool Locations" page of our website. This season begins after returning from a break following the long course season. This period is typically at the end of August for high school aged swimmers, and early September for age group swimmers. The season lasts between 24 and 27 weeks depending on your final championship meet. 

Long Course Season

Long course is a term used to describe competition in a 50-meter pool, this is the pool size which the Olympics is competed in. During this season, WAC continues to utilize the same two facilities listed above, while utilizaing the outdoor pool that the WJC pool offers. We add one additional facility, the Northland Swim Club (NSC). The pools listed above are viewable on the "Pool Locations" page of our website. The long course season begins in spring following a break from the short course season, and concludes in mid-July or early August. The season lasts between 14 and 18 weeks depending on your final championship meet.

During this season, not all swimmers will utilize the 50-meter facility daily. Only three group train in the long course pool at NSC, the Senior Group, the High School group, and the Gold 2 group. Some swimmers in the Silver 2 group are invited to train with the Gold 2 group either fully or partially, depending on ability. The remainder of their practices are done in the short course indoor facility at WJC. All other groups (Gold 1, Silver 1, Bronze) train at either WJC or OAK throughout the Summer.

During the summer, all swimmers will compete in 50-meter pools, there are also occasional opportunities for swimmers to compete locally in 25-yard pools.

The Year-Round Calander

The information above seeks to give a detailed description of each individual season which all make up the year-round swimming calendar. A simplified version of this calendar can be seen below.

Begin Short Course Season → Short Course Championships →  Break → Begin Long Course Season → Long Course Championships → Break → Repeat

Programs of WAC

Age Group Program

Age group swimming is the period of swimming prior to high school swimming. All swimmers younger than high school age, are a part of the age group program. The age group program is overseen by the Head Age Group Coach. The age group program is broken down by age, grade level, and ability. To see a complete breakdown of the age group program, please visit the "Descriptions and Objectives" and the "Placement Guidelines" pages of the website.

High School Program

Swimmers who are high school age are a part of the high school program. This program is overseen by the Head Coach, Jim Peterfish. The two groups that make up this program, are the high school group, and the senior group. To see descriptions and the difference between these two groups, please visit the "Descriptions and Objectives" page of the website.

Weekend Waves Program

Waves is a pre-competitive program which seeks to prepare swimmers for competitive swimming. This level of swimming is geared toward swimmers who are more developed than swimmers requiring swim lessons, but not yet ready for the higher training that comes with being in the age group program. For more information on the Waves program, please visit the website, here.

SwimAmerica Learn-To-Swim Program

SwimAmerica is swim lessons program whose priorities are to make everyone safe in and around the water, provide one of the best forms of fitness for all ages, and to promote the basic skills and swimming techniques. Through this, one finds the aquatic world is filled with a multitude of recreational activities that add to the overall enjoyment of life. For more information on SwimAmerica, please visit the website, here.

WAC Experience


The WAC coaches (found here), all make it a priority to communicate with the families of their group regularly. Each group coach is responsible for communicating minor details to their group, and the head age group coach is responsible for communicating major details to each group. Outside of email communication, the WAC website has many forms of communication that is utilized.

  • Weekly Age Group Newsletter: Throughout the year, the head age group coach posts weekly newsletter to their news page of the website. This section of the website can only be accessed by members who are logged in. This is done to add a layer of security, as often photos and videos are shared of swimmers. This newsletter updates families on upcoming events, shares achievements of swimmers in individual groups, meet highlights, swimmer birthdays, and allows for updates on the status of crucial information such as meet schedules and practice schedules.
  • TeamFeed: The WAC website has a section called "TeamFeed". This is a section where coaches share fun photos and highlights of their swimmers from practices and meets. All coaches are encouraged to use the TeamFeed.


WAC hosts many fun events throughout the season where all groups get together. The current events are listed below.

  • Biathlon: Occurs in the early short course season around October.
  • Candlelight Kick: Occurs around the holidays and new year.
  • Banquet: Occurs at the conclusion of the short course season.
  • Flag City Picnic: Occurs during the second day of the Flag City Invitational in the long course season around mid-June.
  • 4th of July Coaches Breakfast: Occurs the morning of the 4th of July.