Please go to the "Meet Schedule" page to view when the deadline is for each meets registration. This can also be viewed by selecting the meet on the "Meet Sign Up" page.

1. Sign in to your account. 

2. Navigate to the "Meet Sign Up" page on the website.

3. Select the event you would like to commit or decline, and click the "edit commitment" button.

4. Select the member who you would like to declare (the default is "Undeclared"). In the dropdown menu, select either "Yes please sign [member] up for this event", or select "No thanks [Member] will NOT attend this event". If you have any conflicts with the days of the meet you can attend, you can insert a note.

5. If committed, the events will appear. Select the events that your swimmer would like to compete in. Keep in mind, for select meets and select groups, your swimmers events will be selected by the coaches. Be sure to take note the maximum number of events you can sign up for. This can be done by selecting the "view" button next to "Maximum event entry limitations »". You should also make note of the qualifying times for each event. If there are qualifying times in effect, they will be displayed on the right side of the event.

Your group coach will review and approve or reject your requested events.

Please contact your group coach with any questions you may have regarding meet entry.