2022-23 Short Course Meet Schedule

Date Meet Location Groups Registration
Oct 22-23 BSC Spooktacular Athens, OH G2/S2 10/7
4-6 Golden Bear Invitational Upper Arlington All Groups  
13 GCST November Splash Gahanna All Age Groups  
18-20 Tim Myers Memorial
Senior Championships
TBD Senior/High School  
9-11 GCST Holiday Cheer Gahanna All Age Groups  
11 Ohio Distance Challenge Gahanna All Age Groups  
7 DCST-WAC-WOR Tri Worthington 9&O Age Groupers  
15 GCST Winter Invite Gahanna All Age Groups  
21-22 Kelly German Memorial Meet Worthington 9&O Age Groupers  
3-5 GCST Last Ditch Gahanna All Age Groups  
18-20 Regional Championships Worthington Non JO Qualifiers + 9&O Bronze  
22 UASC Steve Neri Time Trial Upper Arlington All Age Groups  
TBD Senior Championships TBD Senior/High School  
4-5 Barbara Kay Mini Meet Worthington 8&U Bronze  
10-12 JO Championships TBD All 14&U Qualifiers  



WAC Activities/Events

13th Annual Biathlon: October 15th

The biathlon is an annual event that WAC puts on where swimmers are able to show their distance swimming and running abilities. Swimmers will be assigned a swim and run distance based on their age group (HS&SR: 4000m/4.3mi, Gold: 3000m/3.1mi, Silver 2000m/2.1mi, Bronze: 1000m/1mi, *distances from 2021 season*). They will do the swim portion at Oakstone academy, then they will be shuttled to Sharon Woods where they will complete the run portion. Once finished, the swimmers will get to enjoy a picnic! Parental volunteering is essential to the smooth operation of this event, so plan to be available to perform one of the requested jobs. Details for this event will be released closer to the chosen date.

Notes for your planning:

Due to not attending the MAKO Invite in Oxford this season, we will look to add a replacement meet for our G2 and S2 swimmers to attend. The meet selected will likely be a travel meet.

Swimmers train through their championship meet and then break until the start of the long course season begins in spring.

If a meet is formatted prelims/finals, swimmers who qualify for finals will be expected to return and swim their qualified events rather than scratching.

Often meet hosts are delayed in releasing meet information. Information will be sent as soon as it has been received and reviewed by the coaches.

If a swimmer is not declared for a meet following the registration deadline they will be unable to be added late.

Bronze 8&U swimmers will attend the Barbara Kay Mini Meet rather than the Regional Championships


JO Information:

If a swimmer is qualified for the JO Championships, they are expected to attend and compete in all the events they qualify for, as well as any relays they are selected for. Please see the time standards page for the qualifying times.

Swimmers who have earned 7+ JO events will not be entered into the regional championships.

Swimmers who miss a JO cut by less than .5 seconds per 50 will be permitted to attend the UASC Steve Neri Time Trials ONLY if they plan to add the event to their JO lineup.

Freshman who will still be 14 on the first day of the JO championships will be permitted to compete and swim on relays, with permission from Coach Jim and Coach Calvin.