Role of the Booster Board: The Booster Board of Directors is separate from Swiminc. Its sole purpose is to support the program with the coaches’ guidance as a PTA would help a school. All functions of the Booster Board are made possible by volunteer parents. The Booster Board is responsible for conducting meets, banquets, and other social functions. The Boosters raise money for training equipment, travel meets, and everything that helps make our program special. Look for an opportunity and please jump in. Each member of the Booster Board is asked to “promote and support the team spirit and the pursuit of excellence” by filling a volunteer role and helping new families understand the important role volunteering as a swim parent plays in the success of Worthington Swim Club. Each swim team family is required to fill volunteer positions at the home swim meets each season and our Volunteer Coordinator will be communicating more details over email. You will find this time around the pool is a great way to meet new friends and learn about the sport. Thanks in advance for jumping in!



Booster Board


Officers        Responsibility        Phone            E-mail


Erin Sogal, President, 614-572-5297, [email protected]

Katie Kamradt, Vice President, 928-600-7455, [email protected] 

Samantha Fell, Secretary, 614-507-0060, [email protected]

Shelly Bowling, Treasurer, phone, email

Aaron Browning, Treasurer, 614-403-1803, [email protected]

Holly Cline, President, 614-570-5009, [email protected]