WSC’s Mission

“To promote lifelong fitness by providing aquatic training programs suitable for athletes of all levels.”

(Adopted by WSC Board of Directors, 5/14/13, Coaches & WSC Board of Directors reaffirmed 7/8/2019)


WSC’s Purpose

  • To provide an opportunity for all swimmers eligible for membership to engage in a wholesome lifetime sport and recreational activity;
  • To promote physical fitness and good patterns of physical development, and to encourage proper conditioning and health habits;
  • To provide opportunities for social, emotional, and educational development, and to encourage peer and family participation; and
  • To promote and provide an opportunity for members to compete in organized swimming competitions (from the corporation’s by-laws)


Organization of WSC

WSC is a USA Swimming club. When your swimmer joins WSC they are also joining Oregon Swimming, Inc. (OSI), and USA Swimming.

WSC (officially Willamalane Swim Club Boosters, Inc.) is an Oregon-based, private, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. A volunteer Board of Directors handles the governance, fiscal health, and operation of the club. The Board holds official meetings on the second Monday of every month at 5:00pm. WSC employs a head coach, who is responsible to the Board, and several assistant coaches supervised by the head coach.

The head coach supervises the assistant coaches, establishes swimming groups, organizes workout schedules, organizes and maintains a swim meet schedule, and effectively communicates relevant information to the board and WSC members. The club relies on volunteers of our swim families to operate and run swim meets.


WSC Codes of Conduct

All swimmers, and at least one parent of minor swimmers, are required to read and sign or electronically agree to the Codes of Conduct. See the last page of the Hand Book for the full Codes of Conduct.


Board of Directors

See the “Club Management” tab of the WSC website for board member contact information. Willamalane Swim Club can also be contacted via phone at 541-357-8665. All messages are attempted to be returned within 48 hours.


The Board meets the second Monday of each month at 5:00pm in the Community Meeting Room at Willamalane Park Swim Center. If you would like to request time to speak at a Board Meeting, please contact any Board Member with your request and item for discussion or use our TeamUnify Contact Page. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!



Email is our primary mode of communication. You will receive emails from coaches, board members, and the meet coordinator about various topics relevant to club members. The emails will be sent to all email addresses on your account. Please make sure to check your email regularly. Members will be responsible for reading all the emailed material. 

Text Messaging is another way our team will be able to communicate with our membership. If you would like to opt into our global text messages, make sure to put in your mobile/cell number in your Team Unify Account.

Bulletin Board near the pool locker room hallway accross from the pool supervisors office. This will be updated regularly, and coaches can posts things there occasionally that may not be sent via email.

Social Media 

There are currently there are two Facebook groups relevant to WSC. “Willamalane Swim Club” and “Friends of Willamalane Swim Club”. 

Our private Facebook group “Willamalane Swim Club” is only open to our current membership (parents and/or guardians of swimmers) and will be reviewed regularly. It is a good place to share swimmers’ accomplishments, enquire about lost items, ride shares and clothing swaps, etc. This is not an enumerated list. Please direct all club questions to our Team Unify website’s ‘Contact Us’ page.

We have now have a YouTube Channel for our coaches to put out inspirational videos, work out ideas and other fun ideas to stay moving and healthy!

Team Website:

Plan to become familiar with the team’s website, both when you are logged in and not logged in. You will find information about events, the meet schedule, a calendar, a member directory, board meeting minutes, newsletters, and documents such as the team handbook. You will also find information about your account balances for fees & dues, fundraising, and volunteer hours. 

Communication with Swimmers

All interaction between coaches, board members, and other applicable adults will fall under the USA Swimming guidelines of the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy. All electronic communication from Applicable Adults to minor athletes must be professional in nature, open and transparent.

Absent emergency circumstances, if an Applicable Adult with authority over minor athletes needs to communicate directly with a minor athlete via electronic communications (including social media), the minor athlete’s legal guardian must be copied. If a minor athlete communicates to the Applicable Adult (with authority over the minor athlete) privately first, said Applicable Adult must copy the minor athlete’s legal guardian on any electronic communication response to the minor athlete. When an Applicable Adult with authority over minor athletes communicates electronically to the entire team, said Applicable Adult must copy another adult.

Be sure to ask your swimmer about things their coach may have talked about during practice.

(Parents of senior swimmers can ask about Coach Dan’s joke of the day.)