Arena Sponsorship

Hello Willamalane Swim Club Members!

We have some important news to share regarding meet suits and general swim gear. We have been in talks with Arena regarding a sponsorship, which would provide great discounts and other benefits to the club, in exchange for WSC using Arena suits and accessories while attending meets. The board has talked about this, and voted to begin the process to make the sponsorship official.
We know that it's the start of  a new season, and that many, if not all, of you, have just bought brand-new suits for your swimmers, and we want to reassure everyone that we will not have to immediately switch over to 100% Arena everything overnight. We have spoken with the Arena representative already, and they understand that this is a process, a gradual change for a club our size. We have been assured that we will have ample time (at least a full swim year) to get the club in-line with the terms of the agreement, once we formally sign on.
We will work with parents and swimmers to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to get an Arena suit at the best possible pricing for our club. We will even be working the Conejo's Swim Works who will be our main contact for ordering suits accessories including bags, backpacks, goggles, caps and more. You can also still purchase any and all Arena Items anywhere they are sold.
We are even setting up very important "Fitting Day" were swimmers can come in and get fitted for Area suits so everyone will have a chance to see what kinds of suits are available for purchase and wear. 
We think that this partnership with Arena will be great for the club, providing us with an excellent source of affordable, high-quality gear.
Please stay tune for more details soon!