Dear Teams & Coaches,
USA Swimming Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy Updates
We very much value your communications with our staff as we work through the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) implementation process. You are our partners in this effort to be leaders among youth-serving organizations.
Does MAAPP Apply to Non-USA Swimming Activities?
Based on feedback received from our coach members who serve in multiple roles with different organizations (including, for example, as high school and collegiate coaches), we sought additional clarification from the U.S. Center for SafeSport on whether MAAPP applies when Applicable Adults interact with minor athletes outside of USA Swimming activities. The Center subsequently determined that MAAPP does not apply to Applicable Adults and their interactions with minor athletes unrelated to USA Swimming activities. For example, MAAPP does not apply to a USA Swimming coach communicating electronically with a minor athlete for the purposes of collegiate recruitment.
While we encourage our members to take the necessary steps to protect minor athletes from abuse in sport regardless of the organizational affiliation, the expectations set forth in MAAPP will only be enforced and audited with respect to USA Swimming activities.
Updated FAQs: We have received great feedback as our clubs and coaches think through how to implement MAAPP. In an effort to share the guidance we are providing on common topics, we have updated the FAQ documents. Updated FAQ documents are  posted here.
Adult Athlete APT Membership Requirement
As a reminder, starting June 23, 2019, all adult athlete members (athletes ages 18 and over) will be required to complete Athlete Protection Training (APT) as a condition of membership. Adult athletes will be given 30 days to complete the training. Starting July 23, 2019, any adult athlete who has not completed APT will not be a USA Swimming athlete member in good standing. Similarly, athletes who turn 18 years old after June 23 will be given 30 days after their 18 th birthday to complete the training.
We have received many inquiries into how clubs and LSCs will know whether an adult athlete has completed APT.
·       A club will be able to view whether or not an athlete member has completed the training by viewing the roster in the Club Portal. Clubs will also be able to run a Membership Status report and a custom member report as well.
·       For LSCs and meet directors: Meet Recon report will reflect whether adult athletes have completed APT.
What is Required by June 23, 2019?
·       Adopt MAAPP in full as a club policy;
·       MAAPP guidelines must be followed starting June 23; and
·       Adult athlete APT requirement goes into effect.
·       NOTE: The General Acknowledgement section of MAAPP does not have to be completed by June 23, 2019. Member clubs must adopt MAAP by June 23 and adhere to its guidelines going forward. At some point in 2019 (and then going forward on an annual basis), MAAP must be reviewed and agreed to in writing by all athletes, parents, coaches and non-athlete members of the club.