2019-20 Swim Year Arena Announcements

2019-20 Arena Announcements!!!

WSC wants to THANK EVERYONE who has made effort to purchase Arena Gear!  I know in the past there has been confusion and frustration in regards to our Arena contract. Our Parents and Swimmers have been working hard to make sure that all of our swimmers are wearing the required Navy Blue Arena suit during competition (excluding tech suits). THANK YOU!!!
It is with great pleasure that I announce Board Member at Large Amy Pelkey as our Arena Specialist! She will be working directly with Arena & our Dealer to make sure that our orders, questions & concerns are addressed! 
This year we are also thrilled to announce a new Arena Dealer Ryan Allen! He is working with our team to help bridge the gap in ordering Arena gear and  he is LOCAL! You might have seen him recently with a really big trailer, which is his mobile store.  Check it out on our website!
He will be attending every meet we host and will be coming twice a year to our pool for suit and gear fittings. His mobile store will be at Willamalane G street pool on October 14th and all of our swimmers will be able to fit suits, snorkel gear, fins and will be available for any other Arena purchases. Amy is working with Ryan to get us screaming deals for our first fitting! Stay tuned for more from Amy!
WSC will also be setting up a google order form for those orders that need to happen in-between his visits. Those order forms will be reviewed by Amy Pelkey for accuracy and then sent to Ryan for purchasing. Amy will be announcing when the order form is active and ready to go!
Even More Exciting News! 
WSC will be providing some Arena Gear (Mesh Bags, Snorkels) to the following groups; Senior, Pre-Senior & Age Group swimmers.
These items will only be provided once and swimmers are expected to maintain and take care of them. If they are lost or damaged for any reason, it will be on the swimmer to replace them.
The requirements for the Senior Groups (mesh bag, snorkel & fins) will come into effect AFTER the fitting on October 14th and once the items have been handed out. Swimmers will be expected to purchase their own fins. 
Senior, Pre-Senior & Age Grp Swimmers:  Make sure to get fitted for your snorkel. Please turn your sizes into Amy Pelkey our Board Member in-charge of Arena. 
October 14th is also our Team Photo Day! Please be on the watch for further information. 
Kate Galloway
WSC President