Joining the Age Group swim level

Coach: Taylor Cole

WSC’s Mission:

“To promote lifelong fitness by providing aquatic training programs suitable for athletes of all levels.”

Swimmers generally advance through the groups as they get older and their skills progress. Several factors influence the decision to move swimmers from one group to the next: Mental and physical maturity of the swimmer, the composition of the groups, age, effort demonstrated in practices, and an attempt to keep cohorts of swimmers together when possible. In the Age Group swim level there area few items the coaches will want to review along with the Coach meeting with the athlete and family to make sure all understand the next level of commitment. 

  • Round Ages  9 ½ - 13
  • Swimmer should have passed through our Novice Program or has a Coach approval for Age Group
  • Commitment to 5 practices a week 
  • Read and sign WSC Code of conduct AND Swimmer Eval.
  • Swimming of all 4 strokes (Video footage/Paper handouts)
  • Swimmers are expected to have with them for each practice;
    • Mesh bag
    • Snorkel
    • Fins 
    • Finger Paddles
    • Pull Bouy
    • Kick Board 
    • Extra Goggles and caps
    • Must always have Dryland clothing and running shoes
    • Water bottle
    • Must have Navy Blue Arena Suit
  • Being a good teammate and athlete 
  • Have FUN!

Although there is no set test or time to advance from one group to the next, movement between groups tends to happen at logical transition times during the year (when starting a new season, coming back from a break, right after a big meet, etc.) Also, movement from one group to the next is not necessarily an all or nothing arrangement. Some swimmers may ease into a new group by attending the practices of that group just a few days a week and continuing in their previous group the rest of the week. 

All swim groups are strongly encouraged to come to all available practices for their group. If needed, practice requirements could be assigned at the coach’s discretion. These requirements could be decided per swim group or per individual swimmer. Swimmers who take practice seriously and work hard are more likely to receive the full benefits of the workouts and coaching.

USA Swimming News about swimmers 12 & Under Aug 2020