Volunteering at a Home Meet:

Below are only some of the jobs that can be found in the volunteer sign up area of our home events.  Jobs are usually posted 1-2 weeks before the event.  Please note timing at away meets can only be credited at a maximum of 10 hours per swim family per year.

Announcer- pays attention to the meet referee and announces the events and heats when signaled. Calls for timers, announces results and any other information or announcements that need to be made.

Awards- labeling ribbons and distributing awards to the team bags (works directly with the Member at Large, Awards Director).

Bull Pen- As the 8 and under swimmers swimmers check in, organize them for their heat and lane assignments prior to their events. This position occurs on deck during the morning session. (works directly with Member at Large, New Swimmer Director).

Concessions- Help set up and sell food for the meet.

Concessions Cashier- Will be responsible for the handling of the money.

Deck Marshall- Monitor selected gate activity to keep the deck behind the starting blocks and the area around the meet referee's table clear.

Electronic Timing (ET) Runner- Pick up DQ slips from Officials on deck and deliver them to the Meet Referee, Pick up lane timing sheets at the end of each event and deliver them to the Electronic Timing Official in the meet office. Pick up an orange vest from the meet office.

Electronic Timing Officials- Training and certification required. If you are interested, please contact Meet Official Coordinator or Vice President. 

Floating Dock Set-Up- Responsible for putting together the floating dock. 

Floating Dock Swimmer- Swimmer will enter the water and put the floats under the floating dock. Swimmer must be at least 14 years of age or a parent.

Floor Taping- Put down tape on the deck to indicate walkways and no squatting areas. Floor taping is done a day prior to the meet. Get a map from the life guards.

Head Timer- Takes lane timing sheets and stopwatches to the deck at start of the morning session.  Provide backup watches for lane timers and gets the attention of the meet office when there is a need for relief timers.   Pick up orange vest from meet office. 

Heat Sheet Sales-  Responsible for selling heat sheets and other basic items from a table near the front door. 

Hospitality- Help Hospitality Coordinator with preparing and serving food to coaches and officials at the meet.  Deliver snacks and drinks to lane timers and officials on deck. Take everything down and put away at the end of the meet.

Lane Timing- Each lane requires 2 hand timers. You are responsible for a stopwatch and a touch pad button. Record the times on the lane timer sheets.

Meet Official- Each team is expected to provide officials for each meet. Becoming an official takes some time and training.

Office Runner- Post meet program and results, make copies, run errands around the pool for the meet director, and run labels to the awards office.

Scoreboard- Run the computer that advances the scoreboard to the next heat. This is an easy job.

Stroke and Turn Official- Training and certification required. If you are interested please contact Meet Official Coordinator or Vice President. 

Table and Chair Set-Up- Moves and sets up tables and chairs for the coaches, timers, and officials.

Tear Down- Responsible for returning the pool to its original condition once the swim meet is finished. Help to break down the floating dock and put it away, help break down concessions & hospitality, put tables and chairs away, put touchpads away, collect trash and take out recycling, etc.

Warm-Up Marshal- Warm-ups require four deck marshals (or warm-up marshals) in orange vests, one at each corner of the pool. Warm-up marshals watch swimmers warm up and make sure they are following the rules (e.g., no diving until lanes have been opened for that, feet first entry). Pick up orange vest in meet office.