Fundraising Requirements are mandatory, regardless of season length or start date   Each family's MINIMUM fundraising commitment is set as follows – we always welcome support in excess of our minimum:



Minimum Fundraising Requirement

Lemon Sharks


Hammerhead Sharks


Mako Sharks


Leopard Sharks (All)


Tiger, Pre-Senior and Senior Groups




For families with multiple swimmers, select your highest-level swimmer and add $75.00 for each additional swimmer in the program. 

For families who prefer not to fundraise, you may pay all or part of your fundraising goal as a charitable 501c (3) donation for income tax purposes. Otherwise, to remain a member in good standing and continue to practice and compete for the team, families must complete their fundraising commitment by the dates indicated below:





  Lemon, Hammerhead, Mako & Leopard Sharks



February 15th

  Leopard Year-Round, Tiger Sharks,

  Pre-Senior and Senior Groups


February 15th

June 15th

  High School Team Swimmers (regardless of group)

November 15th


February 15th



For families with multiple swimmers, the dates of completion are based upon the most advanced level.


Fundraising opportunities are as follows:

  • Team Sponsorship - 100% applies toward fundraising 
  • Swim-a-Thon - 100% applies toward fundraising 
  • Scrips Program - % varies depending on cards ordered 
  • Poppin Popcorn – 35-40% applies towards fundraising (Catalog) 
  • Charleston Wrap - 30-40% applies toward fundraising (Online) 
  • Fusion Drinkware - 35-40% applies towards fundraising (Online)
  • Kroger Cards - a small percentage (on average 1% or less) comes from Kroger and should ONLY be used in conjunction with other fundraising opportunities

**For information regarding each program, please select an option from the drop down menu.  Additional questions, please contact our Fundraising Chair - Priyanka Bole **