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For 2020, we are partnering with Charleston Wrap to offer a catalog and online fundraiser for our swim team families.  The catalog sale, which runs from October 16-November 5th this year, allows selling catalog products with no shipping or sales tax applied.  Lots of seasonal products are available and they make great holiday gifts for family and friends!  Catalog orders placed will be delivered in a bulk order locally, allowing pick up by the swimmer for distributing to their buyers.  The date will be announced once the catalog sale closes.

Catalog Sales:

  • Catalog sale runs from October 16th through November 5th.  All catalog orders, along with full payment for those orders, are due by the end of the day on November 5th.   
  • Catalogs will be available starting today at practice (10/15) - please check with your coach.  If you would like to arrange to pick one up from me at a convenient time or place, just email me at my home email
  • Catalog orders receive 40% (30% for personalized items) of the product sale as a credit towards your swimmer's fundraising commitment.  Catalog sales will be shipped in bulk, and will be delivered to me on or around November 30th.  I will set up a time for order pick ups.  These sales will not have sales tax or shipping applied.

Online Sales:

  • Online sales are available now, until December 5th.   
  • You can access the Charleston Wrap Store and register your swimmer to allow online sales.  You must register your swimmer using the WTRC Sharks Group Code 20517, and the swimmer's first and last name.  This is how we will credit online sales to individual fundraising commitments.  Charleston Wrap offers a number of options for letting friends and family members know about the online sale. 
  • Online sales will charge the buyer both sales tax and shipping charges, as well as a $1 per item fee assessed by Charleston Wrap to cover credit cards and processing.  These orders will be shipped directly to each buyer's home, like a typical online purchase. 
  • Online orders will receive a 40% credit on product sales (30% on personalized items) towards the swimmer's fundraising commitment. 

Completed order forms for catalog sales, along with full payment for those orders, can be turned in to coaches no later than November 5th.  You can use the envelope the catalogs are distributed in - no need to return the catalogs. 

If you have questions, please let me know!  You can email me or contact me at (925) 324-3270.  There is also information under the Fundraising Tab on our Team Unify home page.  During this challenging time, I am glad to try to help overcome any ordering or delivery issues that might come up. 

Thank you - and happy selling! 

Bonnie Smith