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New Swimmer-FAQs

What Meets do I attend?
In general swimmers should attend all meets for which they meet the age and time requirements. Meets are tremendous learning opportunities for swimmers and your swimmer should attend as many meets as they can throughout the season to ensure success and growth. If you have questions about whether your swimmer is eligible for a meet, check the meet document for age and time requirements. If you still have questions feel free to e-mail your coach.
How Do I Enter a Meet?
Go to the bottom of the page and find the meet under upcoming events. Click on the “attend this event” link.  Click on your child’s name. Scroll down the declaration options. Click on my child will attend this meet. That’s it – you are entered. The coaches will select the specific events that each swimmer will swim. If there are notes for the coaches please put under note sections – ex. “Jimmy really wants to swim the 200 Fly.” Or “Jimmy is not available to swim Friday night.”  There is a great video tutorial on-line.  Sign in. Got to My Account, My Tutorials to watch a video on How to Enter A Meet.
When Do I Sign up for a Meet?
Each meet has its own entry deadline, check the website daily and pay attention to emails for specific meet entry information. 
How Long are Meets?
Arrive early at least 15 minutes before your schedule warm-up time which will be emailed by the coach usually on the Wednesday before the meet. There is generally a 1 hour warm-up session and a 4 hour meet.  Some meets are timed finals, you swim your events and go home.  Others are prelim/finals, you swim and if you qualify (generally fastest 16 swimmers) come back to swim in finals in the evening. 
How Many Days Should My Swimmer attend practice?
The more practices a swimmer can attend, the more opportunities they have for learning, development, and conditioning. Swimmers should arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled practice times and be ready to enter the water on-time.  Each group has a recommended number of practices:
Lemons -    2 out of 3 practices per week
Hammers - 2 out of 3 practices per week
Makos -      4 out of 5 practices per week
Leopards -  4 out of 6 practices per week
  Tigers -       5 out of 6 practices per week  

*Please talk to or e-mail your coach if you have questions/concerns about attendance*


What Happens at Dry-land?
Dry-land is important for swimmers of all ages. It is crucial for developing core strength, increasing flexibility and preventing injury. Playing other sports is not sufficient for this type of condition. At dry-land, swimmers can expect additional endurance training, and specific concentration on flexibility and core strengthening for swimmers. 
Where do I sit at a Swim Meet?
Parents and spectators generally sit in stands or bleachers and are not allowed on the pool deck at swim meets. At most meets, the older swimmers stay on deck and 8-under swimmers can sit with their parents in the stands until their event is called. 
How do I get my Child's Meet Results?
Sign into website.  Click on my account.  My meet results. 
What if I need to talk to the coach?
The best way to talk to any coach is via e-mail. Please do not talk to coaches during practices as they are focusing on their swimmers and need to give them their undivided attention to ensure quality practices and a safe environment. The best way to contact a coach is via e-mail. Go to the website and at the very top there is tab labeled “coaches.” Click on this tab to get e-mail information for each coach.  You can also e-mail your coach to schedule an appointment.
How do I know when how much I owe for meet and program fees?
Sign into the website.  Click into My Account. Click into my invoice/payment. There are tabs which detail all fees due and credited for program fees, meet entry fees, fundraising and volunteer hours.  You will receive regular e-mails with updated invoice information.  You need to click through these links and check your account statuses regularly.  You can also watch a video.
How Do I pay my invoices?
All swimmers should set up an Auto-Pay account either through their checking account or credit card.  You will be notified before any item is charged to your account.  On the 1st of the month, any amount due will be drafted.  Swimmers will not be able to attend meets or practice without setting up their account to handle the payment of fees as they become due.
How Do I set up AutoPay.
Sign in.  Click on My Account.  Go to Set-up Auto-Pay and following the instructors.  There is also a video tutorial under My Tutorials which walks you through Autopay set-up.
What if I have a Change of Address, E-mail, Phone, Credit Card/Bank Account or Insurance?
Sign in.  Click on My Account.  Click on My Account again.  Click edit.  You will be able to update any of your personal information.
Returning Swimmer-FAQs-Online Registration
The on-line registration system is set up to handle registration in a very specific way.  It works great but you have to follow the correct steps in sequence.  
  • I can't log onto my Sharks account - As part of registration, all team members have been placed in a "waiting for approval status" by the system --this means that you have not registrered for the up-coming season and will not have access to your account until registration is completed and approved.  Please find the e-mail that was sent with your new login information.  Use this login link to go in and register.
  • I just want to go on-line and check my balance so I can pay it. - You can check the status of your account balance through the registration process.  When you go through registration, a screen will pop up that asks if you want to look at your prior account balance details.  Any outstanding amount owed will automatically be added to your registration payment and you will be able to click through and review any past amount due.  For questions regarding, your billing statement you can email Bonnie Smith at [email protected]
  • I have registered and still cannot get into my account - There will be a delay between when you register and when your account is activated.  The coaches will review each registration for correct group placement and the billing administrator and fundraising/volunteer coordinators will ensure that all commitments are met prior to approval.  As soon as your account is reviewed, we will activate it and you will be notified that your account is active. You will then be able to log-in to your account.
  • I get a message that my user name and password are accurate but I can't log-in because my account is not active.   See item 1.  You will not be able to login-until you register.  You can check your account balance through the registration process.
  • How do I start registration? - Click either the Join the Sharks icon or the Start Registration icon
  • Can I pay for the entire season up-front if I am a Mako or above?  Yes, just contact Bonnie Smith at [email protected] to arrange for a 2nd on-line payment to pay for the rest of the season.
  • Can I pay for my fundraising obligation through monthly installments with my program fees?  Yes, after completing your online registration, contact Bonnie Smith at [email protected] to set up the monthly fundraising installments.